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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Groundhog Greetings

(FACTS ABOUT ANIMALS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) Happy Groundhog Day! Why not celebrate the clairvoyant animal with these fun facts? For instance, did you know that groundhogs are also referred to as woodchucks? Learn more in the video clip above! — Global Animal

Rare Spotting: Wild Snow Leopard Caught On Camera (GALLERY)

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/WILD ANIMAL PICTURES) In 1971, National Geographic's Dr. George B. Schaller captured the first-ever picture of a snow leopard in the wild. Snow leopards are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and are one of the most highly elusive species in the world. They are rarely ever seen in nature due to their tendency to hide from other animals. In an effort to preserve the species, scientists are working to gain a better understanding of the animal. Recently, a team of scientists working with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences set out to capture snow leopards in their natural habitat with a camera trap. Read the full article below for more information concerning their work and see the rare pictures for yourself. — Global Animal

Magnificent Munching Manatees

(MARINE MAMMALS/OCEAN ANIMAL VIDEO) These graceful, thousand-pound ocean-dwelling mammals were often mistaken for mermaids by imaginative seamen. Though the mermaid theory is questionable, manatees are definitely amazing creatures. Make sure to grab a snack before viewing this video—it's impossible not to find yourself peckish while watching a magnificent manatee munch away on an tasty underwater plant. — Global Animal