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R.I.P. Hank, A Political Cat-didate We Believed In

(FAMOUS PETS/CATS) The world lost another amazing, inspirational animal last week. Hank, the brave Maine Coon who ran for U.S. Senate, died of complications from cancer Thursday at 12 years old. The political feline was a trailblazer, and although he did not win many votes during his Independent run for Senate, he brought a lot of necessary attention to animal welfare issues, with "Vote The Humans Out" being the foundation of his political platform. Hank, you will be missed dearly. Read on for a wonderful tribute to the amazing, well-deserving Hank the cat. — Global Animal
PETA is calling for orca whales to be placed in large-scale ocean sanctuaries. Photo Credit: Chris Gotshall/AP Photo

Silent Protest Makes Waves At SeaWorld San Diego

(SEAWORLD/BLACKFISH) SAN DIEGO — Protesters gathered at SeaWorld San Diego on Sunday, bearing signs that criticized the park. The protesters were silent, and police were present to keep the event peaceful, but the message was indeed strong and effective. Children and adult activists alike voiced their distress in response to the heart-breaking documentary, Blackfish, and efforts have not stopped in finally putting an end to the abuse. Protesters were also present at Lindbergh Field in the hopes of convincing Southwest Airlines to terminate their ongoing contract with SeaWorld. Continue reading for more details on the protest and for SeaWorld's pathetic Twitter response to the attack. — Global Animal

Armadillo Shakes It To “Billie Jean”

(WILDLIFE/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) One good-humored YouTube user filmed this armadillo gathering leaves and, as he puts it, "did what any respectable human being would do." It's time for you to enjoy an armadillo dancing to Michael Jackson's classic song "Billie Jean." Happy Wednesday! — Global Animal
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Miranda Lambert Plays Puppy Matchmaker

(CELEBRITIES/PET ADOPTION) OKLAHOMA — When country music star Miranda Lambert isn't busy spending time with her husband, The Voice judge Blake Shelton, she's often showing her love for animals throughout the community.  The avid dog lover and her non-profit adoption organization MuttNation Foundation hosted a huge event at Lambert's "The Pink Pistol" store in Oklahoma this Valentine's weekend. Lambert used her Twitter account throughout the day to promote the adoption event, and tweeted several pictures of puppies and dogs finding their new forever homes. Altogether 11 dogs found new homes, several of whom were photographed with excited children hugging, kissing, and holding their brand new friends. — Global Animal

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A Royal Pain: Prince Harry’s Bloody Kill

(ANIMAL WELFARE/HUNTING) A shocking photo of Prince Harry posing over a dead water buffalo, which he shot and killed, recently surfaced. Although the photo was taken in 2004, it is just now being published in UK magazines. Ironically, Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William spoke out against poaching and illegal wildlife trade days before this photo went viral. Prince Harry is claiming to be a conservationist, yet he is arrogantly posing with his wild animal kill in the photo below. To make matters worse, the weekend before their new wildlife appeal was launched, Prince William and Prince Harry were seen wild boar hunting in Spain. Continue reading for more on Prince Harry and his hypocrisy. — Global Animal

“The Vampire Diaries” Star Stands Up For Pregnant Pigs

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL WELFARE) The fangs come out for The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley in response to pig gestation crates. Wesley joins other animal loving celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Martha Stewart, and Kristen Bell in speaking up against the cruel and torturous treatment of pregnant pigs. — Global Animal

Surfing Pig Hogs The Spotlight

(PIGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch out, Kelly Slater. This is Kamapua’a—or Kama, the surfing pig. “[Surfing is] like true happiness," his caretaker Kai Holt, said. "And that’s what this guy does. Everywhere he goes he makes people smile and laugh. He just brings joy to the world.” — Global Animal

Expel South Korea’s Cruel Monkey School

(ANIMAL ABUSE/MONKEYS) Animal Defenders International (ADI) released an undercover investigation revealing appalling conditions at "Monkey School," a cruel South Korean attraction that forces monkeys to perform in shows. ADI's findings include horrific animal abuse and neglect, including the discovery of a monkey dead in his/her cage, having received no medical treatment. While South Korea’s animal protection laws are limited, Congresswoman Hanna Chang proposed a Zoo Act that would prohibit circus-like animal performances and establish animal welfare standards. Read below for more on ADI's investigation and sign the petition urging Members of the Environmental Committee of the Korean Government to protect captive animals in Korea by passing the Zoo Act. — Global Animal

Vultures: Nature’s Garbage Men

(BIRDS/VULTURES) Often ridiculed for being ugly and smelly, vultures undoubtedly get a bad rap. Eagles get the glory of being national emblems and symbols of war, and doves are admired for their beauty and symbolize peace. Meanwhile, vultures—like garbage men—play a very important role in nature and human society. — Global Animal

Fudge The Dog Pigs Out

(DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Check out this hilarious video of what happens when a dog with hands pigs out. — Global Animal
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Dolphin Project Goes To Press: Free Angel Or Watch Her Die

(ANIMAL WELFARE/DOLPHINS) The Dolphin Project recently ran an ad in the New York Times to save Angel, a rare albino dolphin being held captive at Japan's Taiji Whale Museum. Angel faces certain death in captivity if she's not released to a more fitting home. Because her return to the wild is no longer possible since Japanese fishermen killed off Angel's family, a proposal has been made to send her to a natural seapen or a protected cove. Dolphin Project administrators, led by Ric O'Barry, are calling for the public to send as many letters as possible to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, asking him to release Angel and end the Taiji dolphin hunts. Continue reading for more information on the Dolphin Project and how to send your own letter to Prime Minister Abe. — Global Animal

Hovercraft Deer Rescue

(ANIMAL RESCUE/ANIMAL VIDEO) Hovercrafts and animal rescue, together at last. Two deer were stranded on the ice in the middle of Albert Lea Lake, until a father and son broke out their hovercraft in a rescue mission unlike anything you’ve ever seen. — Global Animal

A Two-Legged Dog’s Unlikely Best Friend (GALLERY)

(DOG PICTURES/ANIMAL FRIENDS) Penny the Silkie chicken and Roo the two-legged Chihuahua formed an unusual yet heartwarming friendship at a Georgia animal hospital. The two best friends are basically inseparable. Take a peek at their unlikely friendship in the adorable gallery below. — Global Animal

Foxes Are A Man’s Best Friend

(FOXES/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Meet Dawn. She is one of the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary's six resident foxes who cannot be returned to the wild. Isn't she just the sweetest?! — Global Animal