Animal Sculptures Invade New Zealand Landscape

(ANIMAL ART/ACTIVISM) NEW ZEALAND — Kaikoura-based sculptor Ben Foster showcases an innovative, modern interpretation of animal sculpture.

Using inorganic materials, namely stainless steel or aluminum, Foster plays with geometric design and natural lighting to portray a continuously changing piece.

“My works are a culmination of the natural and the manmade – a careful balance of form and motion,” Foster says on his Facebook Page.

His placement of the static sculptures against the landscape of New Zealand provides a stark contrast between what is real and what isn’t. Moreover, the connection between the angular sculptures and the ever-shifting geometric qualities of the landscape in which each piece is placed, plays with the notion of man-made versus organic.

In many ways, the sculptures mirror the landscape which inspired their creation, while simultaneously highlighting the differences between natural and unnatural.

According to his website:

“His artistic practice serves as a vehicle through which he explores human interaction with the land and the animals with which we share our lives and spaces.”

“In his sculptural treatment of figurative and abstract forms, the artist points to the interconnectedness of all living things. His sculptures reference and respond to the physical landscape hinting at mutual dependencies and inviting respectful contemplation.”

Foster’s attempt to emphasize the interconnectedness of humans, land, and animals is truly inspiring. Take a look at Foster’s creations in the gallery below.

A seal balances an invisible ball. Photo Credit: Ben Foster
The seal stands in stark contrast to the landscape behind it. Photo Credit: Ben Foster
Horses: natural versus unnatural. Photo Credit: Ben Foster
The horse in it's native landscape. Photo Credit: Ben Foster
A life-sized dog sits in a home. Photo Credit: Ben Foster
Foster's newest creation: A shark. Photo Credit: Ben Foster

— Kayla Newcomer, exclusive to Global Animal