Cow BFFs Prove Love Is Blind

(COWS/FARM ANIMAL VIDEO) When Sweety, an eight-year-old Canadian cow with a hoof infection, was rescued from a slaughterhouse, word quickly spread that she needed a home. Tricia, a 12-year-old lonely bovine who recently lost her companion to cancer, was waiting hundreds of miles away in New York at Farm Sanctuary where she was the only cow without a partner. Rescuers worked for almost a month across international borders to bring the two bovines together. And once Sweety finally arrived at the sanctuary, the two cows became fast friends. Susie Coston, national shelter director for Farm Sanctuary, said, “It was exciting to think that by giving Sweety a new life, we might also give Tricia another chance to enjoy her own.” It’s clearly a win-win for both. — Global Animal