(ANIMAL ABUSE/FACTORY FARMING) Mercy for Animals (MFA) released additional footage shot at Dry Creek Dairy southwest of Murtaugh, Idaho on Tuesday. The sickening video shows a deranged dairy worker sexually abusing a cow in an attempt to get the public riled up before Idaho passes an ag-gag bill that would outlaw photographing or filming on farms without the owner’s consent.

“If enacted, this legislation could harm consumers nationwide. As leaders of the third-largest dairy state in the nation, Idaho’s lawmakers should be fostering greater transparency in food production, not pushing for legislation that would punish whistleblowers who dare to expose animal cruelty, food safety hazards, environmental pollution, and worker safety violations,” according to MFA Executive Director Nathan Runkle.

Sign the petition to speak out against Idaho’s dangerous ag-gag bill and read the LA Times article at the link below for more information about the history of MFA’s fight against Idaho legislation. — Global Animal

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A worker viciously kicks a dairy cow. Photo Credit: examiner.com

Los Angeles Times, Paresh Dave

Read the full Los Angeles Times article, here: http://www.latimes.com/la-na-nn-cow-abuse-video-idaho-ag-gag

Watch the Mercy for Animals video, here. (Warning: Video Contains Graphic Language and Explicit Content)

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition to stop Idaho’s dangerous ag-gag bill!