(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/ANIMAL WELFARE) The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust (HSWLT) is an organization that helps landowners protect the wildlife roaming their land.

The Humane Society Land Trust helps save wildlife animals like black bears.  Photograph by Norbert Rosing  Mother black bears are notoriously protective of their cubs, who stay with their mothers for about two years.
Black bears are one of the many wild animals saved by sanctuaries set up by the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust. Photo Credit: Norbert Rosing

The trust helps by setting up a sanctuary so the land cannot be sold to individuals or companies that would destroy the property and the habitat of local wildlife.

“The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust celebrates and protects wild animals by creating permanent sanctuaries, preserving and enhancing natural habitat and confronting cruelty,” according to the program’s website.

Land that is deemed important to wildlife is ideal for the program, rather than size of the land.

Even land in more suburban areas can make an ideal sanctuary since development may have harmed local wildlife, instilling a need for a safe haven for refugee animals.

The Land Trust also supports all wildlife as there is no requirement that sanctuary land must be home to populations of endangered or threatened species.

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL WELFARE) Robotic deer decoys are used to stem poachers.
The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust donates robotic deer decoys to find poachers. Photo Credit: Times Union archive/ Cindy Schultz

While these sanctuaries ensure the future protection of animal habitats, one ongoing problem is illegal hunting and poaching.

The HSWLT offers large monetary rewards for information on poachers, and have even donated robotic decoys to deter poaching.

The decoys are operated remotely by nearby officials and provide solid evidence when a poacher attacks.

By combating poaching and helping establish new sanctuaries, the HSWLT is not only tackling habitat loss, but also saving wildlife populations.

If you have land that you’d like to turn into a wildlife sanctuary, visit http://www.hswlt.org, or simply donate here.

— Elana Pisani, exclusive to Global Animal