(PET ADOPTION/DOGS) Brandon Stanton, the man behind the spotlight blog, Humans of New York (HONY), recently endorsed his girlfriend’s start-up company called “Susie’s Senior Dogs.” The Facebook page features elderly companions in need of homes, and always supplies a sweet back-story of each loving creature’s unique personality and past.

Brandon Stanton created HONY in 2010 in order to “construct a photographic census of New York City,” but over time, the blog evolved into something much more than that. With over 2.7 million followers on Facebook alone, HONY has a massive daily viewing. Stanton’s dedication to showcasing the unique stories and faces of New York City strangers inspires his followers, touching the lives of thousands of people.

His blog often features pictures of animals and their guardians, as well. Stanton used his popularity to spread the word on another important passion in his life, pet adoption.

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HONY creator, Brandon Stanton, advocates for his girlfriend’s company, Susie’s Senior Dogs, as a proponent of pet adoption. Photo Credit: USA Today

Two years ago, Stanton adopted a senior dog named Susie, whom he claims just “popped up into his life.” His love for Susie and the joy she has brought into his life inspired Stanton’s girlfriend to begin a company that raises awareness for elderly dogs in need of homes.

Susie’s Senior Dogs’ following is currently approaching the 100,000 mark, and grows daily. The company does a great job not only at finding homes for those in need, but also when it comes to educating the general public about the reality of pet adoption—and that adoption really is a fantastic thing.

Brandon included the following blurb on his own Facebook Page, along with a picture of Susie, in his efforts to reach out to his followers and spread word of Susie’s Senior Dogs.

dogs, pets, hony, susies senior dogs, puppies, humans of new york, brandon stanton
Stanton featured this adorable photo of Susie on HONY’s Facebook Page. Photo Credit: Humans of New York

So two years ago I adopted this crazy looking 11 year old dog named Susie. She sort of fell into my path in a way that seemed predetermined, but I’d never had a dog before and was really unsure about the responsibilities involved. But I went ahead and got her, and it turned out to be the best decision of my life.

Susie is sitting next to me right now, as always, because Susie’s main concern in life seems to be remaining as close to me as possible. Like I said, I’d never had a dog before, so I’m constantly amazed at how much this little creature loves me. I feel like other dog owners know the feeling.

I’ve only had Susie for two years now, but she’s been to seven states, dipped her paws in both oceans, and eaten tons of chicken. It’s been a very full two years and I really can’t imagine life without her. So, anyway, the point of all this:

My girlfriend and Susie have teamed up to start a page that features senior dogs looking for an owner. I think it’s a great idea, because senior dogs have a tough time getting adopted even though they are extremely laid back roommates. They enjoy a good walk as much as the next dog, but they are also down with chillaxing all day and watching Breaking Bad.

Find Susie’s Senior Dogs on Facebook or Instagram @susiesseniordogs

— Kayla Newcomer, exclusive to Global Animal