(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL TESTING) São Paulo, Brazil passed a new law ending the use of animals in cosmetic testing within the state. The bill was approved in December by the Legislative Assembly, and last week the governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, signed the bill into law.

São Paulo is home to a large number of cosmetic companies—more than all other Brazilian states, so a cruelty-free São Paulo is a move toward a cruelty-free Brazil.

Supermodel Fernanda Tavares poses for ads supporting Humane Society International (ANIMAL WELFARE/COSMETICS TESTING)
Supermodel Fernanda Tavares shows her support for banning cosmetics in Brazil. Photo Credit: Humane Society International

The animal rights group, Cruelty Free International, has campaigned for the ban throughout the region, and they are enjoying their success.

“We are delighted that Governor Alckmin has listened to the voice of consumers across Brazil’s most populous state and signed the Act into law. This is the first such ban in Latin America, and follows similar bans in the European Union and India as the wave of ethical consumer choice sweeps around the world,” says Frank Alarcón of Cruelty Free International.

“We congratulate the Parliament and Governor Alckmin on their progressive decision and call on other state governments and the national government to follow their example,” he continues.

The group submitted a petition to the government signed by 120,000 Brazilians in support of the ban.

With PETA help, India has become the most recent country to ban cosmetic testing on animals. Photo Credit: The Hindu
India is one of the most recent countries to ban cosmetic testing on animals. Photo Credit: The Hindu

Humane Society International (HSI) has also had an influence in the country with their Be Cruelty Free Brazil campaign.

“We applaud the groups in São Paulo who have fought hard for this victory for animals. The ethical stance of the Brazilian public is very clear—causing animal pain and suffering to test cosmetics is unacceptable and it must stop,” campaign manager Helder Constantino says.

With groups like Cruelty Free International and HSI campaigning across the globe, more attention is being brought to the issue of using animals for cosmetic testing.

Several countries have banned the use of animal experimentation for cosmetics, including India, Israel, and the European Union, and many more are considering similar legislation.

Now that São Paulo has said ‘no’ to animal testing, cruelty-free advocates are hopeful Brazil will soon follow suit.

Sign HSI’s petition to encourage all of Brazil to go cruelty-free! 

— Elana Pisani, exclusive to Global Animal