(WILDLIFE/CELEBRITIES) Last night’s 56th annual Grammy Awards were filled with many memorable moments—from Beyoncé’s raunchy performance with husband Jay-Z, to Taylor Swift’s head-banging piano number reportedly dedicated to ex-fling Jake Gyllenhaal.

Instead, one of the Grammy’s wild after parties is stealing the spotlight.

TMZ reports that rapper Meek Mill hosted a huge after party with guests like Diddy, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and many more.

Mill shocked attendees with wild “entertainment” consisting of a caged lion and a camel.

Lion at Meek Mill's after party used as a photo prop. Photo credit: @KarenCivil
Meek Mill decided to use a lion as a photo prop at his Grammy after party. Photo credit: @KarenCivil

The Scarface wannabe rented the animals for his guests to use as photo props.

The party hosted over a thousand people, many of whom posted pictures with the frightened animals to their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The bash, which took place at a rented mansion on Mulholland Drive, was eventually raided by California Highway Patrol at 5 AM.

Photo credit: bossip.com
The rented animal appeared bewildered by the situation. Photo credit: bossip.com

The rapper seems to have quite the obsession with big cats.

The cover art for his 2013 album Dreamchasers 3 features his face morphed with a lion.

He posted the photo to Twitter with the caption, “I’m lionhearted,” which is also a lyric from one of his songs.

He also once tweeted, “heart of a lion….. in the middle of da jungle.”

TMZ photos showed the lion being wheeled in a tiny metal crate. Photo credit: TMZ

Many people commended Mill for throwing such a large-scale party, while completely overlooking the profound harm of jailing wildlife for the sake of entertainment.

Fortunately, several others reacted to the caged lion with shock.

One Twitter user named Lil’Will wrote, “Why the h*** does Meek Mill have a lion at his d*** Grammy party.”

Photo credit: Instagram
Meek Mill has an obsession with lions as the album cover art above shows. Photo credit: Instagram

For someone so enamored with the king of the jungle, Meek Mill doesn’t seem to realize the damage he’s causing by objectifying these wild animals.

Lions are already facing major habitat loss, and are constantly under threat by poachers and trophy hunters.

According to a study at Duke University,

“About 75 percent of Africa’s savannahs and more than two-thirds of the lion population once estimated to live there have disappeared in the last 50 years.”

With these factors working against the iconic species, the wondrous big cats are now in danger of extinction

— Sonia Horon, exclusive to Global Animal