(DOGS/CANCER RESEARCH) The Most Interesting Man In the World just got a little more interesting. Jonathan Goldsmith is using his famous face to aid dog cancer research.

Best known for his campy role in the Dos Equis beer ads, the Vermont resident recently made an online commercial for the outdoor apparel company Orvis to help raise funds for the Morris Animal Foundation. For over six decades, the organization has been working to advance veterinary medicine for animals worldwide.

Having lost a dog to cancer, Goldsmith knows first hand why this research is so important and hopes his celebrity status will help raise the money needed to find better treatments and ultimately put an end to dog cancer.

Read below to learn more about the dog-loving actor and the Morris Animal Foundation. You can also go to Orvis to help support them in their fight against dog cancer, and you can even enter your own precious pup in a Cover Dog Photo Contest. — Global Animal

Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World" is aiding in the fight against canine cancer. Goldsmith, pictured with his Anatolian shepherd Willy, made an online commercial for Orvis Co to help raise money for the Morris Animal Foundation./Photo credit: Boston.com
Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” has joined in the fight against canine cancer. Goldsmith, pictured with his Anatolian shepherd Willy, made an online commercial for Orvis Co. to help raise money for the Morris Animal Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes veterinary research for animals worldwide. Photo credit: Boston.com

Associated Press, Wilson Ring

The most interesting man in the world is helping a Vermont-based company raise money to fight cancer in dogs. Jonathan Goldsmith is a Manchester resident made famous by his role in the Dos Equis beer commercials. But he’s also a dog lover hoping to raise funds for the Denver-based Morris Animal Foundation, which promotes veterinary research for companion animals, horses and wildlife.

‘‘It’s very simple. It takes money, and I can help them raise money,’’ said Goldsmith, who has two Anatolian shepherds and lost a third dog to canine cancer. ‘

‘The nicest thing about so-called celebrity status is to be able to call attention to the things that you believe in.’’

The 75-year-old Goldsmith has appeared in movies and TV shows including ‘‘Charlie’s Angels,’’ ‘’T.J. Hooker,’’ ‘’Magnum, P.I.,’’ and ‘‘Dallas.’’ He has also been involved in a number of nonprofit groups, including one that worked with survivors of land mines and bombs from war zones, and has worked with disabled and at-risk children.

He recently made an online commercial with his dog Willy as part of a campaign by the Manchester-based Orvis Co., which is known for its outdoor apparel and fly fishing but also has a dog catalog.

Orvis produced the commercial as a way to help encourage visitors to the website to nominate their dog as part of the Orvis Cover Dog Contest. People can enter their pet on the Orvis Cover Dog section of the company’s website.

Each vote costs $1, with the proceeds given to the Morris Foundation. In the five years Orvis has run the contest, they’ve raised almost $1 million. They are hoping to cross the $1 million threshold this year with Goldsmith’s help. The contest runs through the end of March.

The commercial was shot in Goldsmith’s home.

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