(TV/ANIMAL CRUELTY) News magazine Mother Jones conducted an investigation on Animal Planet’s Call of the Wildman, which uncovered a number of staged situations that put animals’ lives at risk.

Call of the Wildman follows a wildlife rescuer nicknamed “Turtleman,” who supposedly gets called to retrieve pesky animals from homes and businesses. However, the recent investigation shows these animals are sometimes caught prior to taping, kept in poor conditions, and even drugged at times.

View the video clip and visit the link below for more on Call of the Wildman‘s blatant animal welfare violations. — Global Animal

Animal Planet is actually causing harm to animals.
“Turtleman” and the cast of the Animal Planet show, are under fire for contributing to the harm of animals. Photo Credit: Call of the Wildman

Watch the Mother Jones investigation intro. in the video clip below.

Read the entire Mother Jones investigation here: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/01/animal-abuse-drugs-call-of-the-wildman-animal-planet