(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN)  As more people become vegan, it is no surprise that an increasing number of kids are also making compassionate food choices. To celebrate these children, PETA KIDS is holding a contest for the Cutest Vegan Kid.

One boy and one girl will be chosen as winners and they will be featured in ads raising awareness for veganism. They will also receive a goodie bag of prizes.

Nominations will be accepted through January 29, and voting will commence in February. For more on the contest, read the full article below. — Global Animal

Ciera won the chance to be in this vegan ad. (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN)
Ciera was one of 2013’s winners of the Cutest Vegan Kid Contest. Photo Credit: petakids.com


Young people are leading the animal rights charge, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the burgeoning number of young kids who are going vegan. That’s why PETA Kids, PETA’s division dedicated to children, is announcing its 2014 Cutest Vegan Kid contest.

As recently as two years ago, the competition was named Cutest Vegetarian Kid, but as more and more kids learn about the animal suffering related to eating eggs and dairy products as well as the profoundly detrimental effects such consumption can have on our health and the environment, a growing number of them are going vegan.

The first round, which began on January 16, is open to anyone under 13 and everyone who’d like to nominate their favorite vegan kid.

The two winners—one boy and one girl—will have the opportunity to appear in their very own PETA Kids ad and will also receive a special prize pack filled with goodies. In addition, announcements will be sent to their hometown media outlets.

“All the kids who enter the contest are already winners because they’ve made the switch to a healthier diet that’s animal- and Earth-friendly,” says PETA Director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns Marta Holmberg. “And because healthier kids are generally happier kids, that makes them cuter, too.”

More and more people go vegan every year. Besides the indisputable health benefits of ditching meat and other unhealthy animal products, vegans, on average, have a smaller carbon footprint than their meat-eating counterparts, and each vegan saves the lives of more than 100 animals each year.

The nomination round runs from January 16 to 29 and will be followed by the voting round from February 3 to 14. Voting on the finalists will take place from February 19 to 26, and the two winners will be announced on March 3. PETA Kids will select the winners based on several factors, including vote count.

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