(RESCUE DOGS/OP/ED DEN) He rolled over in gratefulness and exalted freedom, melting like butter in my lap when he was escorted out of the shelter.

Butterbean, rightfully named for his melting appreciation, was rescued two weeks ago before being euthanized in the Downey, California shelter where he was being held.French Bulldog, rescue bulldog Butterbean

As I watched him burst through the doors into the fresh air, I could see that he knew he was safe. He rolled beneath my feet, pawing the air in celebratory praise.

When Butterbean first arrived at the Downey shelter as a stray with an injured leg, he had a potential adopter who, upon arrival, denied the young French Bulldog due to his injury.

Two weeks ago, French Bulldog Village rescued Butterbean from the shelter after a volunteer transport.

Upon his acceptance into the FBV family and after several medical reviews with Dr. Sharon Shields at Advanced Veterinary Services in Santa Barbara, Butterbean was diagnosed with a two-month-old mid-calf leg fracture.

Having walked on the fracture for a prolonged period of time, Butterbean was also suffering from open wounds as deep as the tendons and an infection.

According to rescuer Karen P. of the French Bulldog Village, if the injury had been treated earlier, Butterbean’s procedure would not be nearly as extensive and intricate.

French Bulldog, rescue dog Butterbean

She explained that in order to repair such an old fracture, Butterbean must have a plate inserted and his bones fused—a procedure totaling $4,200.

Karen said most rescues would amputate the leg before doing the surgery since it’s much cheaper. However, Karen and FBV want to give Butterbean the best opportunity for a comfortable life.

Especially since he is estimated to be only around 12-months-old, they are choosing to forgo amputation, euthanization, and a permanent splint.

Since the FBV charges the same adoption fee for each French Bulldog—healthy or unhealthy—and they are a donation-based non-profit, Butterbean’s care will result in a $5,000 minimum deficit, also including his care prior to the surgery.

The FBV is currently raising funds for Butterbean while crate training him to ensure a comfortable recovery.

It is important there is a rescue that sees what a dog needs and makes it happen. Karen says, they “don’t always know how they’re going to do it, but they do.”

As for Butterbean, Karen says, “he’s doing wonderful, he is like one of those ‘in spite of it all’ kind of dogs.”
Butterbean Rescue Dog, French Bulldog
She says he “has the sweetest, most innocent, naïve spirit. He’s good with every human he’s ever met and every dog he’s ever met.”

Karen expressed the most endearing thing about Butterbean is his surprise about receiving attention.

“He is so shocked at being loved, and it surprises me because he is such a loving boy,” she said.

The French Bulldog rescue has yet to raise all of the necessary funds for his pertinent surgery. Any and all donations are appreciated for Butterbean’s recovery.

Dr. Sharon Shields is generously including a nares procedure in which Butterbean’s nostrils will be widened to allow him to breathe better and healthier.

If you would like to contribute to Butterbean’s recovery, donate here: http://frenchbulldogvillage.net/butterbean-california-urgent-need-frenchie/.

— Dori Edwards, exclusive to Global Animal