(PET PICTURES/CATS AND DOGS) One of the most pressing questions once you adopt a new member into your family might be what to call him/her for the remainder of their life. The United States’ largest pet insurance company, Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), sorted through its database of 500,000 pets and determined the top pet names of 2013.

Whether you’re looking for a name for your newest companion, or if you’re looking to see if you followed the trends, check out the two galleries below for the most common dog and cat names of 2013.

Top 10 Dog Names of 2013:

Photo Credit: CORDIER Sylvain / hemis.fr via Getty Images
10. Sophie
Photo Credit: Cavan Images via Getty Images
9. Maggie
Photo Credit: John Giustina via Getty Images
8. Buddy
Photo Credit: Ryan McVay via Getty Images
7. Charlie
Photo Credit: Outdoor Fun via Getty Images
6. Daisy
Photo Credit: Krit of Studio OMG via Getty Images
5. Molly
Photo Credit: Daly and Newton via Getty Images
4. Lucy
Photo Credit: Julie Hill Images via Getty Images
3. Bailey
Photo Credit: Chris Clor via Getty Images
2. Max
Photo Credit: Cavan Images via Getty Images
1. Bella

Top 10 Cat Names of 2013:

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10. Tiger
Photo Credit: Martin Barraud via Getty Images
9. Shadow
Photo Credit: AE Pictures Inc. via Getty Images
8. Lily
Photo Credit: Safia Fatimi via Getty Images
7. Sophie
Photo Credit: MIXA via Getty Images
6. Charlie
Photo Credit: Andrew Holt via Getty Images
5. Lucy
Photo Credit: Vladimir Maravic via Getty Images
4. Oliver
Photo Credit: Nick Ridley via Getty Images
3. Chloe
Photo Credit: David & Micha Sheldon via Getty Images
2. Max
Photo Credit: Julie Hill Images via Getty Images
1. Bella

Curtis Steinhoff, director of Corporate Communications at VPI, acknowledged that the most favored dog and cat names were also among the most popular baby names.

This trend illustrates the close bond that pet owners have with their pets. Many people view their dog and cat as family members and they are naming them to reflect that human-animal bond,” Steinhoff said.

Surprisingly, the names Bella and Max topped both lists for the second year in a row!

— Kayla Newcomer, exclusive to Global Animal