(DOGS/ANIMAL WELFARE) Veterinary specialists working in reconstructive surgery for pets are a lot busier these days. From skin and bone grafts to facial reconstruction and the replacement of joints, pets are bouncing back from injuries and the ailments of old age.

These types of surgery are becoming more popular as technology improves and pet guardians are more willing to pay the extra expense. Dogs and cats have become a part of the family, and that means sparing no expense for their health. Read the full article at the link below for more on the growing popularity of pet surgery and its recent technological advances. — Global Animal

Dr. Michael M. Pavletic repaired Toto's facial lacerations. (PETS/ANIMAL WELFARE)
Toto had facial lacerations repaired by innovative reconstructive surgery. Photo Credit: Mspca-Angell (PETS/ANIMAL WELFARE)

Read the New York Times article here: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/01/13/rebuilding-our-badly-broken-pets/?src=rechp&_r=1