(HERO DOGS/ANIMAL STORIES) ARKANSAS — Champ the pit bull is more than a champ today—he is a hero.

Champion Bartholomew Alewishious 3000 came to the rescue of his 60-year-old guardian as she was held to the ground in an attempted robbery over the weekend.

Champ came to the rescue of his guardian over the weekend. Photo: KATV
Champ the pit bull came to the rescue of his guardian, Millie Fiser, over the weekend. Photo: KATV

Millie Fiser was picking up her trash outside her home when a man shoved her to the ground and repeatedly yelled at her to hand over her money.

“I didn’t see or hear anything behind me. The next thing, I just got a real hard shove. I fell to the ground and hollered, ‘Champ, Champ, help!'” Fiser explained.

Champ, who is nearly 12 years old, rushed to Fiser’s aid and was able to chase the aggressor away. Champ then laid down with the woman until help arrived.

“If Champ hadn’t come around the corner as quickly as he did, I have no doubt it would have been a lot worse situation than it was,” Fiser said.

“Champ saved my life. I know that he would literally die for me. This is a real good example that he will always be right there for me always, always.”

Photo Credit: UPI File Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg
Photo Credit: UPI File Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg

Pit bulls may have a bad rap as the breed is unfairly stereotyped as aggressive and generally misunderstood by the public, but there are a number of pit bull heroes who are changing this misconception.

In fact, the American Humane Association (AHA) named pit bull Elle their 2013 hero dog for her work as a therapy dog, and earlier in the year, another pit bull named Cain saved his guardian from a house fire.

These stories stand as a testament to the loyalty, bravery, and unconditional love these amazing dogs have to offer.

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— Israel Igualate, exclusive to Global Animal