MLB Player LaRoche’s Killer Pastime

(WILDLIFE/HUNTING) Washington Nationals’ first baseman, Adam LaRoche, makes a living off of America’s pastime. But it’s his pastime that’s upsetting animal rights advocates everywhere.

Last Tuesday, Buck Commander, a group of hunters associated with Phil Robertson’s family of Duck Dynasty and LaRoche, posted a photo of the MLB player posing with a dead mountain lion draped across his shoulders, on their Facebook page.

Adam LaRoche is friends with the Duck Dynasty brothers and Buck Commander.
The Washington Nationals’ first baseman, Adam LaRoche, poses with a mountain lion he killed. Photo Credit: Facebook

The group also boasted on Twitter about LaRoche’s kill saying, “Rochey got a big cat with his bow!”
Photo Credit: Twitter
Baseball fans will find LaRoche’s comments on the game that made him a star a little surprising.

In April, Hunting Illustrated published an interview with LaRoche, where he said,

“I like baseball and it’s what I do but I love to hunt. I would have to say that I play baseball so I can hunt and it has blessed me with great opportunities in the hunting world.”

Although it’s legal to hunt mountain lions in a number of states, many question the morality of someone who would kill a defenseless animal, with no intention of using the animal for food.

LaRoche’s cruel display rivals Melissa Bachman’s sickening collection of trophy kills, and is certainly worthy of Global Animal’s Hall of Shame.

Since Buck Commander posted the photo, a number of animal defenders are taking to the group’s Facebook page to criticize the sport hunters.

Take Action: Make your voice heard by expressing your outrage on the Buck Commander Facebook page.

— Anthony Armentano, exclusive to Global Animal