(CELEBRITIES/CELEBRITY NEWS) George Clooney may be a little busy this weekend with the Golden Globe Awards since his movie Gravity is nominated for best picture. But rumor has it, the acclaimed actor has a free night next month.

How would you like to be George Clooney’s date for the premiere of his World War II drama The Monuments Men, and while you’re at it, help stop elephant poaching in Africa?

Introducing your new boyfriend, George Clooney. All you have to do is donate $10 to his charity Satellite Sentinel Project and you'll automatically be entered to win a dream date with the Hollywood heartthrob./Photo credit: metro.co.uk
Visit Omaze.com and donate $10 to George Clooney’s charity Satellite Sentinel Project, and you’ll automatically be entered to win a dream date to walk the red carpet with the Hollywood heartthrob. Photo credit: metro.co.uk
A new report by the Satellite Sentinel Project confirms that the Lord’s Resistance Army has turned to poaching elephants as a means to fund its atrocities./Photo credit: safari notes.blogspot.com
A Satellite Sentinel Project report confirms the Lord’s Resistance Army is poaching African elephants. Photo credit: safari notes.blogspot.com

Simply visit Omaze.com and make a $10 donation to Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP), an organization Clooney co-founded that monitors and uncovers alleged atrocities occurring between the borders of Sudan and South Sudan via satellite imagery.

One of the organization’s findings is that the armed forces are poaching elephants to sustain themselves with resources like food, weapons, and ammunition. So much so, the United Nations estimates a 50 to 90 percent decrease in the region’s elephant population.

SSP detects and documents these atrocities, and then sounds the alarm by notifying major news organizations.

Support George Clooney's Satellite Sentinel Project and enter to win a date with him to the premiere of his new film "Monuments Men."/Photo credit: zimbio.com
Support Clooney’s Satellite Sentinel Project and enter to win a date with the dedicated activist. Photo credit: zimbio.com

The Oscar winner’s goal is to deter these horrific crimes by shining a celebrity spotlight on the culpable warlords—an idea Clooney attained from his own life experiences with the paparazzi.

The Gravity star is so passionate about this project, he agreed to spend a day and evening with one very lucky fan.

By visiting Omaze.com, your $10 donation not only enters you to win a dream date with Hollywood’s hunkiest leading man, but you’ll also be supporting Sudan to help save Africa’s iconic elephants from extinction.

According to the Omaze website, the winner and a friend will fly to New York City on February 4th to:

“…hang with George Clooney backstage at Letterman, ride up in a limo and walk the red carpet at the ‘Monuments Men’ premiere, and a whole lot more.”