(CATS/CELEBRITIES) Internet sensation Lil Bub has launched a new campaign in support of pet adoption. Lil Bub and her caregiver, Mike Bridavsky, are the stars of a new video from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) promoting the adoption of cats and dogs from shelters.

Lil Bub was a stray from a feral litter before being taken in by Bridavsky, who shares his home with several cats. He has shared images of all of his cats on the internet but Lil Bub took the world by storm with her adorable pictures.

An instant cat celebrity, she now has an autobiography, Lil Bub’s Lil Bookand she is making use of her fame by urging others to adopt pets in need of a home.

“She wants to let people out there know there are pets out there that need homes. I think she would encourage people to go out – even if you don’t have room for a pet – you can still volunteer for a shelter,” says Bridavsky in the HSUS video.

She has also brought awareness for special needs pets, as she was born the runt of the litter with several deformities.

Lil Bub’s teeth never grew in so her tongue sticks out all the time and she has an extra toe on each foot. She is also small and will remain the size of a kitten throughout her life. Despite these disabilities, Lil Bub has a positive personality and calm nature.

Lil Bub has raised over $60,000 for charity through her website and public appearances, and her new campaign is sure to spread the message about the importance of pet adoption and volunteering for shelters.

— Elana Pisani, exclusive to Global Animal