(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are revolutionary tools for independent art projects and small businesses, by allowing people to fund projects they care about. Although well-known crowdfunding sites don’t necessarily cater to the charitable, LoveAnimals.org is looking to change that by funding projects geared towards helping animals.

The new animal-centric website allows animal lovers to support causes from all around the world. Whether you want to donate to pets in need or help protect elephants from poachers in Africa, LoveAnimals.org has you covered. Take a look at what LoveAnimals.org has to offer in the press release below. — Global Animal

Photo Credit: YouTube
LoveAnimals.org is the first crowdfunding website for animals. Photo Credit: YouTube


DENVER, Colo. — Animals everywhere hailed the launch of LoveAnimals.org, a new nonprofit crowdfunding website that helps animal welfare and wildlife conservation nonprofits connect with micro-donors to raise money for critically needed projects. LoveAnimals.org is the first crowdfunding website that serves all species of animals including pets, farmed animals, wild animals, and aquatic animals.

LoveAnimals.org is particularly useful for small, regional, and rural nonprofit organizations that often lack visibility beyond the communities they serve, and operate with lean budgets. Many groups like these struggle to raise enough to cover the basics, leaving few resources for projects that can alleviate long-term problems, such as capital improvements and habitat protection.

Loveanimals.org crowdfunding website
LoveAnimals.org is perfect for small nonprofits seeking to help animals of all species including pets, farm animals, wildlife, and aquatic animals. Photo Credit: YouTube

Animal nonprofits that have been vetted and approved are invited to post their most urgent funding needs on LoveAnimals.org; micro-funders then donate any amount to the group of their choice. All donations go directly to the animal nonprofit – LoveAnimals.org takes no percentage of funds raised – resulting in greater donor satisfaction, repeat giving, and ultimately more money directly helping animals. When projects are funded, nonprofits share photos and a report on their project so donors see the impact of their support.

Crowdfunding websites raised $2.7 billion in 2012, an 81 percent increase over 2011, and successfully funded more than one million campaigns, according to Massolution’s 2012 Crowdfunding Report. However, large crowdfunding sites either prohibit nonprofits from using their online platforms, and/or offer so many thousands of campaigns that niche nonprofits get lost in the shuffle. While most crowdfunding platforms are for-profit ventures, LoveAnimals.org is itself a nonprofit with a mission to help other charities – not to profit from their work.

“Crowdfunding and microphilanthropy has seen tremendous growth and popularity in recent years, but the leading sites were not well utilized by animal and wildlife charities, so they were missing this effective tool for raising money and connecting with new supporters,” said Sarah Timms, founder and CEO of LoveAnimals.org. “LoveAnimals.org aims to change the status quo for animal and wildlife nonprofits, which combined, receive less than two percent of charitable giving per year.”

By providing a platform that is purpose-built for animal lovers, LoveAnimals.org hopes to ultimately enable the estimated 26,000 animal and wildlife conservation nonprofits in the U.S. to keep up with new trends and opportunities in charitable giving. Beyond the obvious benefits of raising funds, LoveAnimals.org also offers tools for deserving nonprofits to help them build and mobilize a community, promote their fundraising projects, embrace and use technology and social networking. The user-friendly site also makes it simple for donors to find projects that serve their favorite animals or projects in their own state or region.

Among the successful fundraising campaigns is Colorado Springs-based All Breed Rescue & Training, who stepped in during the devastating Black Forest fires to take in pets from evacuated areas. ABRT quickly raised $1000 to care for pets whose homes were destroyed by fire, providing safe temporary housing until they were reunited with their families.

“There’s no question that putting our request on LoveAnimals.org helped us raise enough money at a time when our community needed it most,” said ABRT executive director Lauren Fox. “Some of the families had no homes to return to, and we were able to take a load off of their shoulders by keeping their pets safe and secure, at no cost to them.”

About Love Animals

LoveAnimals.org is the only nonprofit crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping all species of animals including pets, farmed animals, wild animals, and aquatic animals. The nonprofit uses innovative technology to increase donations to animal welfare and wildlife conservation groups, which currently receive only 2 percent of all giving. LoveAnimals.org helps animal charities connect with donors to raise money for critically needed projects by providing donors with an easy and convenient online giving platform where they choose from a wide array of projects and control how their donations are spent. Participating non-profits – particularly small, isolated, rural organizations that often lack visibility beyond the communities in which they operate – receive an easy way to showcase projects most in need of funding. At LoveAnimals.org, donors can take a few minutes, give a few dollars and have a big impact for animals.

Watch the video clip below for more information on LoveAnimals.org.