(CELEBRITY NEWS/DOGS) With all the buzz surrounding Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reigniting their relationship, animal lovers are praying Gomez’ caregiving skills surpass those of her significant other.

Justin Bieber Adopt Ad: Justin Bieber stars in an ad for PETA featuring the tagline, "Animals Can Make U Smile. Adopt From Your Local Shelter." Photo Credit: PETA
Justin Bieber stars in an adoption ad featuring the tagline, “Animals Can Make U Smile. Adopt From Your Local Shelter.” Photo Credit: PETA

Over the holidays, Bieber reportedly bought a seven-week-old American Bulldog puppy from a Canadian pet store in Stratford, Ontario for $600.

The singer’s actions conflict with his PETA PSA from just a view years ago promoting shelter adoption (see the video clip below).

“Whether or not reports are true that Justin Bieber purchased a puppy from a pet store for $600, PETA wants to remind everyone that when you buy a dog or cat from a pet store or breeder, you sentence an animal in a shelter to death,” Daphna Nachminovitch, PETA’s Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations, said.

Only about 20 to 30 percent of pets are adopted from shelters and rescue organizations, and even though pet stores will claim they receive their animals from USDA breeders, most dogs are primarily from puppy mills.

Justin Bieber got a new American Bulldog over the holidays.
Over the holidays Justin Bieber bought a new puppy from a Canadian pet store. Photo Credit: Jason Kempin

“Six to eight million homeless animals enter shelters every year, and half of them must be euthanised for lack of a good home, so there is no excuse for buying an animal, no matter who you are,” Nachminovitch added.

Justin Bieber got a new American Bulldog over the holidays.
Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, holds Karma in his arms. Photo Credit: Twitter

The pop star’s father, Jeremy Bieber, caused frenzy amongst Bielibers when he posted a picture of himself with the sleeping dog on Twitter, then told fans that one follower could name the new puppy.

Twitter follower @justinfredos chose the name Karma for the Bulldog, and the Biebs liked what he saw.

Hopefully, Karma fares better than the 19-year-old idol’s other pets, whose history of animal responsibility isn’t up to par.

More than a year ago, Bieber upset a number of animal lovers when he carelessly gave away his pet hamster Pac to a young fan during an Atlanta concert.

Bieber was also criticized for bringing his capuchin monkey, Mally, into the Munich airport without the proper vaccinations, forcing German officials to confiscate the animal.

The “Baby” singer had the opportunity to reclaim Mally, but failed to complete the appropriate documentation and the capuchin eventually found his way to an animal park in Hanover.

Mally was just twenty-months-old when she was taken from Bieber, an age where he should still be under the care of his mother.

For Karma’s sake, let’s hope Bieber has learned from his past experiences.

Watch Bieber’s PETA PSA for pet adoption in the video clip below.

— Anthony Armentano, exclusive to Global Animal