(ANIMAL WELFARE/ACTIVISM) Animal Defenders International (ADI) and National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) released their list of the top ten successes for animals throughout 2013. Both of these organizations have helped save thousands of animals from laboratories and circuses all around the world.  Some of this years biggest accomplishments include the banning of animal testing in Europe, a ban on circuses in El Salvador, and the success of ADI’s film Lion Ark. Continue reading for more on the best successes for animals in 2013. — Global Animal

Los Angeles Ban Circus Elephants
Countries all over the world are banning the use of wild animals in circuses. Photo Credit: Flickr

Animal Defenders International (ADI)

World-leading campaign organisations Animal Defenders International (ADI) and the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) are welcoming a number of successes for animals throughout 2013. The organisations’ list of top-ten successes from 2013 shows victories for animals all over the world, from the Amazon rainforest to Yorkshire.

ADI and NAVS Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, “In 2013 we have secured laws to protect animals, spared animals from laboratories and circuses, and opened people’s eyes and hearts to animals exploited for entertainment and research around the world. We now urgently need to rescue animals from desperate conditions in Peruvian circuses, so please join our team to make the world a better place for those animals and many more by becoming a member today.”

1. Colombia bans wild animals in circuses.

Los Angeles City Council banned the use of bullhooks in circuses on Wednesday.
Bullhooks are often used as weapons to tear the skin of elephants, and beat them bloody. Photo Credit: PETA

In June, some six years after ADI launched its damning undercover investigation of the Latin American circus industry, Colombia followed Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay with a ban. The campaign was hard fought, with vigorous opposition from Colombia’s powerful circus industry and marks an important win for animals.

2. Europe bans cosmetics tests on animals.

Bunnies, rats, mics, testing on animals, animal testings
Photo Credit: China Photos/Getty Images

The European Union introduced the final stage of the cosmetics ban, which prohibits the marketing and sale of new animal-tested products from 11 March 2013. ADI and NAVS had campaigned for the ban for over 30 years. This vital legislation will put pressure on other countries to follow suit.

3. ADI invited to rescue Peru’s circus animals.

China protests animal circus, angry over the use of endangered and exotic animals.
Photo credit: Kerri9494 via flickr

After successfully securing a ban on wild animals in circuses in Peru, the Government has asked ADI to return and help rescue the animals from the dismal conditions. ADI is preparing and conducting a census of the country’s circus animals. This will be ADI’s greatest challenge in 2014 and the organisation urgently needs public support to rescue the animals.