(GRAY WOLVES/HUNTING) The gray wolf may call the Northern Rocky Mountains home, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcomed there. Gray wolves are native to a number of states, including Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, but the species’ future in these areas is looking bleak.

In 2011, the wolves were taken off the United States’ endangered species list, causing their populations to quickly dwindle. However, the unwarranted fear surrounding the wolves’ nature is also detrimental to their protection, with many people believing wolves are a threat. Gray wolves are essential to the ecosystem, and should be protected by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, rather than hindered. Continue reading at the link below for the North American gray wolf’s two latest threats. — Global Animal

<p>An image provided by Yellowstone National Park, Mont., shows a gray wolf in the wild.
Gray wolves continue to face threats in the American North. Photo Credit: Macneill Lyons/AP file

The New York Times, Lawrence Downes

Read The New York Times article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/29/opinion/sunday/wolf-haters.html?ref=opinion&_r=0




  1. They are vital to Mother Nature and its balance. They were put their to control and help with elk and deer population! They only kill to survive! Man is glutinous and can’t control themselves! Destroying something so beautiful is disgraceful and sinful! Please help these gentle misunderstood creatures to live like they should!