Christmas Miracle: Deserted Dog Gets Second Leash On Life

Miley the dog was rescued in a pile of garbage.

(ANIMAL CRUELTY/RESCUE DOGS) LOS ANGELES — A dog named Miley is making headlines this week with her miraculous story of survival. Miley was left in a pile of garbage and had to fend for herself for several months. Covered in infections, mange, and suffering from parasites, she was in for a long and painful death until Eldad Hagar from animal rescue organization Hope For Paws found her in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Although Miley was quickly running out of time and needed immediate veterinary attention, Hagar took an hour to gently coax her into his car in order to gain her trust and avoid further traumatization. Thankfully his approach worked as Miley took a chance and trusted a human being to do the right thing this time around. Read on and view the video below for more on her extraordinary recovery. — Global Animal

Photo credit: Hope For Paws
Miley survived in a pile of garbage on the outskirts of Los Angeles for several months. Photo credit: Hope For Paws

Huffington Post, Dominique Mosbergen

A moving video of the extraordinary recovery — and resilience — of an abandoned dog who was left to die in a trash heap is reminding us this week of the healing power of love, friendship and second chances.

On Nov. 15, when Eldad Hagar first laid eyes on Miley, an abandoned dog living among piles of trash on the outskirts of Los Angeles, his heart broke.

“When I got there, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Hagar, the co-founder of animal rescue organization Hope For Paws, told The Huffington Post of his first encounter with the pup. “It’s almost as if this place was struck by a tsunami.”

Miley, covered in mange and infections, was so lifeless and defeated that Hagar, who recorded the dog’s rescue on camera, says she “didn’t even have the energy” to run away from him as he approached her.

Hagar says he rushed to Miley’s side after he heard about the pooch’s plight from a local resident. The tipster told him that Miley had been living in the trash heap for at least a few months. It is believed that she was abandoned by her owners.

Photo credit:
Miley looking recovered and cheerful. Photo credit: Hope For Paws

Though he knew that Miley wouldn’t be in good shape, Hagar says he was still shocked when he finally made contact with her. Her physical deterioration was “definitely one of the worst cases” he’d ever seen, he said.

He knew he had to get Miley to a hospital right away.

Gaining the pup’s trust was no easy feat, however. Hagar says he offered her food and sat with her in the pile of trash for an hour before she was finally ready to leave with him. Then he got her into his car to be brought to the vet.

“She was very lucky we rescued her when we did, because her condition would have continued to deteriorate until she would have died a miserable and painful death,” Hagar said.

After examining Miley, veterinarian Dr. Lisa Youn discovered that the pooch wasn’t just suffering from mange and bacterial infections, but parasites and malnutrition, as well.

“She was in so much pain,” Hagar said.

Over the next two weeks, Miley got intensive medical care and was treated with antibiotics, medicine for parasites and frequent medicated baths. Slowly but surely, her spirits began to lift.

It wasn’t, however, until Miley found a best friend that her recovery took a dramatic turn for the better.

Miley met Frankie the chihuahua after he was rescued from a sewer tunnel by Hagar and a friend. The tiny dog had almost drowned, Hagar said, because of a spell of heavy rain.

“He was so scared of everything,” Hagar wrote of Frankie in the video. “Miley took Frankie under her wing and they quickly became really good friends.”

Miley and Frankie, who are wonderfully affectionate with each other, are said to be doing well.

The “worst part is behind [them],” Hagar told the HuffPost, adding that Miley should be “100 percent” in a few months.

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Witness her miraculous survival story in the touching video below.



  1. What an amazing story. I`m so glad she had a second chance, poor baby girl the hell she wen through and yet she trusted Mr Hagar not knowing what was going to happen to her. Dogs are so forgiving. I hope you will find the perfect family who will adopt you and give you all the love and care you deserve. Bless you Mr Hagar for rescuing these helpless animals ♥