(DOGS/ANIMAL WELFARE) Stray dogs and at-risk kids are fighting for a second chance, together! Through the Underdog Project, an animal-assisted therapy organization in Cape Town, South Africa, the two underdogs are paired-up to help each other live better lives.

The group teaches the kids to train the pups while promoting responsibility and a non-violent community. The dogs get lots of love and the opportunity for a speedier adoption. Talk about a perfect combination.

View the gallery below to see how the Underdog Project is touching the lives of these amazing kids and their canine pals. And to help support this wonderful program check out their fundraiser page at Thundafund.com. — Global Animal

These kids are part of The Underdog Project, an animal-assisted therapy organization based in Cape Town, South Africa that helps children develop confidence by teaching them to train shelter dogs. Photo credit: The Underdog Project 2013
Winston was homeless, found emaciated and sick on the streets in Cape Town, South Africa. Photo credit: The Underdog Project 2013
Underdog addresses social and emotional needs of youths and children using non-invasive animal-assisted activities, like dog training. Photo credit: The Underdog Project 2013
The kids and canines of Underdog meet after school and work on basic dog-training skills, forming a bond and teaching each other important lessons about life. Photo credit: fotografmatilda.nu
The Underdog Project's goal is to educate the children, promoting responsible animal care and non-violent communities. Photo credit: fotografmatilda.nu
Through the Underdog Program dogs like Winston are given a second chance. Photo credit: Facebook: underdogproject
If you're interested in helping the Underdog Program, check out their fundraiser at www.thundafund.com. Photo credit: fotografmatilda.nu
The training the Underdog shelter dogs receive from the children helps to reduce their kennel stress and prepare them for their new home. Photo credit: The Underdog Project 2013