(DOGS/BOOK REVIEW) Tom Cohen, the Executive Producer, Director, and Head Writer of the hit show Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel, is also the author of a new picture book Dogs with Old Man Faces: Portraits of Crotchety Canines.

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Emmy award-winning TV Producer, Tom Cohen is the author of “Dogs with Old Man Faces.”

This hilarious book of photography features pictures of senior dogs paired with amusing captions like, “Sherman goes on senior singles cruises” and “Harry didn’t want to be in this book but his wife said, ‘Come on, Harry, try something new for once.'”

This book is the perfect homage to our old, furry, lovable friends.

The Running Press’ description of Dogs with Old Man Faces reads:

“Sure, it’s easy to love a cute puppy with adorable eyes. But there’s just something about those dogs with old man faces, with mugs weathered by experience and wisdom.

Dogs with Old Man Faces combines heartwarming photos with humorous captions, sure to make any reader laugh and love their old dogs even more.”

Homer from"Dogs with Old Man Faces." Photo Credit: Mutts Matter Rescue
Homer from”Dogs with Old Man Faces.” Photo Credit: Mutts Matter Rescue

This book illuminates many of the positive aspects of older dogs—especially their loving, adorable faces.

The sad truth is every day older dogs are passed up for cute and bouncy puppies. But senior pets deserve to live their golden years in a loving, supportive home.

Although they are no longer puppies, these older dogs still have a lot of life to live and even more love to give.

Many people don’t know about the numerous positive reasons to adopt an older dog instead of a puppy.

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Good Reasons To Adopt An Older Dog:

  • Older dogs are already house broken.
  • Older dogs have better focus, and will understand what “no” means.
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    Mr. Tiggs from”Dogs with Old Man Faces” Photo Credit: Dan Winters
    Most older dogs have grown accustomed to human schedules and can sleep through the night.
  • Older dogs are grateful for their second chance and long to be your companion.
  • With older dogs, what you see is what you get. They have already grown into their size and personalities.
  • “Becoming a caregiver for an older pet is a transformative experience. In return for offering these animals a second chance at a welcoming, secure home, you get a warm, loving presence and that rarest of things, unconditional affection,” according to Jane Hoffman, President of Mayor’s Alliance of NYC.

With Cohen’s book, take a moment to honor your lovable old fogey. Reconnect with your senior dog, and let them know you still care, even if they aren’t as nimble as they once were. Laugh along with your companion as you let them know they are still loved just as much as when they were puppies.

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— Cara Meyers, exclusive to Global Animal