(PETS/PET CARE) Although the Humane Society and other organizations have taught pet parents the benefits of spaying and neutering their cats and dogs, a small percentage of guardians have second thoughts about putting their pets through surgery. But skeptic parents are being offered an alternative called Zeuterin, an uninvasive drug used to sterilize male dogs without requiring surgery. Even though the drug is available, many veterinarians still prefer traditional surgery. Read the article at the link below for more on the future of spaying and neutering pets. — Global Animal

Bring along treats to make your pet's trip to the vet more enjoyable.
A new drug looks to be the future of pet sterilization, allowing parents to neuter their dogs without surgery. Photo credit: Earthworm, Flick

The New York Times, Douglas Quenqua

Read The New York Times article here: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/12/02/new-strides-in-spaying-and-neutering/?_r=0