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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Horse-drawn carriages are an outdated practice that result in animal abuse. Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

NYC’s Horse-Drawn Carriages Ride Into History

(HORSES/ANIMAL WELFARE) NEW YORK CITY — On Monday, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city's horse-drawn carriages will soon be a thing of the past. In accordance with non-profit animal welfare and advocacy organization NYClass, De Blasio maintains the practice is inhumane as horses do not belong in an urban setting where they are exposed to damaging pollution and hazardous traffic. The city plans to replace the carriages with electric antique cars driven by the same carriage drivers, but disgruntled drivers intend to fight back in court. Continue reading for more on the debate. — Global Animal

15 Favorite Unusual Animal Families

(ANIMAL PICTURES/ANIMAL FAMILIES) We often hear stories of people adopting abandoned baby animals, but how often do you hear of a tiger who adopted piglets, or a gorilla who adopted a kitten? This beautiful photo gallery showcases the special relationship between inter-species families. From MSNBC's Today, meet furry, four-legged moms who adopted, nursed and nurtured animals of completely different species. — Global Animal

Spooning Cat & Dog Pair

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/CATS AND DOGS) Archer and Babou, the spooning cat-dog pair, are melting hearts all across the Internet. These animal friends can't get enough of each other—and we, of course, can't get enough of them! — Global Animal
Columbia has passed a bill banning circuses from using wild animals in their show.

Top 10 Successes For Animals In 2013

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ACTIVISM) Animal Defenders International (ADI) and National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) released their list of the top ten successes for animals throughout 2013. Both of these organizations have helped save thousands of animals from laboratories and circuses all around the world.  Some of this years biggest accomplishments include the banning of animal testing in Europe, a ban on circuses in El Salvador, and the success of ADI's film Lion Ark. Continue reading for more on the best successes for animals in 2013. — Global Animal

Bald Eagle Deaths On The Rise

(BIRDS/BALD EAGLES) Utah is seeing a large number of unexplained bald eagle deaths and scientists are looking for the cause. The area has witnessed a massive die-off of other birds, including eared grebes. Whether the deaths are related is not yet clear, but there could be a connection considering the animals are a food source for the bald eagles. Specialists believe the cause may be disease-related rather than the result of a toxin, and have excluded lead ammunition used by local hunters. Read on for more on the mysterious illness affecting the bald eagles. —  Global Animal

Boy Teaches Puppy To Howl

(CUTE PUPPIES/ANIMAL VIDEO) Prepare yourself for one of the cutest videos you'll ever see. Last March, a young boy was teaching an Alaskan Malamute-Siberian husky pup named Belka how to howl at just 20 days old. Belka, whose name means "squirrel" in Russian, is now all grown up, and her howl is probably a lot fiercer. — Global Animal
An image provided by Yellowstone National Park, Mont., shows a gray wolf in the wild.

Wolves: Nuisance Or Necessary Predator?

(GRAY WOLVES/HUNTING) The gray wolf may call the Northern Rocky Mountains home, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcomed there. Gray wolves are native to a number of states, including Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, but the species' future in these areas is looking bleak. In 2011, the wolves were taken off the United States’ endangered species list, causing their populations to quickly dwindle. However, the unwarranted fear surrounding the wolves' nature is also detrimental to their protection, with many people believing wolves are a threat. Gray wolves are essential to the ecosystem, and should be protected by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, rather than hindered. Continue reading at the link below for the North American gray wolf's two latest threats. — Global Animal

Meals On Wheels Helping Pets In Need

(ANIMAL WELFARE/PETS) Our cherished cats and dogs are now getting a bite out of the Meals on Wheels program. Meals on Wheels volunteers recently discovered many of their clients are sharing more than just table scraps with their pets. It turns out pet guardians are sacrificing their health by giving much of their food to their furry friends, so the caring volunteers decided to step in. These individuals began collaborating with animal groups to add free pet food to their meal deliveries—forming an ideal partnership. Read on to learn more about this inspiring program and its wonderful impact on people and their pets' lives. — Global Animal

Babysitting Boxer

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) Who needs a babysitter when you have the sweetest dog in the whole wide world? This dog responds to a newborn baby's first cries in the cutest way ever! Watch the adorable video above to see what happens when the baby starts to cry. Your heart may not be able to handle it. — Global Animal

The Cat And The Fox

(CATS/WILD ANIMAL VIDEO) Once upon a time, a cat was sleeping peacefully in the snow when a fox wandered by. Find out what happens when the fox wakes up the slumbering cat. — Global Animal

5 Medical Breakthroughs We Owe to Animals

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) In the medical world, there is understandable controversy surrounding animals and their role in experimentation through inhumane means for scientific research and testing. There is, however, a positive correlation between animals and science when we look at the astonishing medical breakthroughs we've attained through the healing of animals. By observing, treating, and attempting to aid animals, we've been able to uncover new discoveries that would not have been possible without their assistance. Here is a list of medical breakthroughs attained through the humane treatment of animals rather than cruel experimentation. — Global Animal

Service Dog Meets Disney’s Pluto

(ANIMAL VIDEO/SERVICE DOGS) Watch out, Goofy. It looks like Pluto might have a new best friend. Watch this service dog and Pluto become the best of friends while on a 'Disney Fantasy' cruise. At first, the two didn't know what to make of each other—but it wasn't long before they became good pals. — Global Animal

“Blackfish” Inspires Stars To Cancel SeaWorld Concerts (GALLERY)

(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL WELFARE) Celebrities are saying thanks, but no thanks to SeaWorld. Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride are just a few of the stars to cancel their shows due to issues raised by the SeaWorld documentary Blackfish. The film exposes the tragic circumstances around the 2010 killing of trainer Dawn Brancheau by one of the park's orcas, and condemns the cruelties killer whales endure living in captivity. Check out the photo gallery of these compassionate, animal-loving artists. — Global Animal
Clerks director watches Blackfish and takes to Twitter to speak out against SeaWorld.

Silent Bob Strikes Back Against SeaWorld

(SEAWORLD/CELEBRITY) Smodcast founder and filmmaker Kevin Smith recently took some time from making his upcoming movie Clerks III to sit down and watch Blackfish. The documentary evidently hit home with the director of Mallrats, who shared his thoughts on the film via Twitter last Friday. — Global Animal