(ANIMAL PICTURES/PETS) Celebrities don’t only love to pamper themselves, but their pets also get the A-list treatment. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Ryan Gosling are notorious for giving these pets the lives that so many of us will never get to enjoy.

These pets have thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram, are probably more famous than any of us could ever dream to be. Some of these pets even get to appear on television with their parents (CeeLo Green famously brought his cat Purrfect with him to tapings of NBC’s The Voice). Despite the fact these pets live the glamorous life, we love them all. Check out this gallery of our top 10 favorite celebrity pets. — Global Animal

Mario Lopez's dog, Julio, has over 3,000 followers on Twitter. That's 2,850 more than me. Photo Credit: parade.com
Star of Real Housewives of Miami Lisa Vanderpump's puppy Giggy hosts her own tea parties. Here's to hoping my invitation just got lost in the mail! Photo Credit: petsindustrynews.blogspot.com
Ryan Gosling brings his dog George with him everywhere, even as a guest on Jimmy Fallon. Can someone say, "jealous?" Photo Credit: justjared.com
Olivia Wilde and her rescue dog Paco out on the town. Paco was once the spokesdog for Old Navy. Photo Credit: celebuzz.com
Taylor Swift and her cat Meredith (named after the main character in "Grey's Anatomy") do everything together. She even takes Meredith on tour with her! Photo Credit: newsroom.mtv.com
James Franco with his cats Zelda and Sammy. When James gets sad, he talks to his cats to make him feel better. Adorable. Photo Credit: lifewithcats.tv
Just days after her 20th birthday, Miley rescued Penny Lane from a shelter. Photo Credit: @MileyCyrus via Twitter
Paris Hilton sunbathing with her beloved dog Tinker Bell. The best part about Paris Hilton must be her dogs. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com
Katy Perry loves her cat Kitty Purry. Kitty isn't just her kitten, but is also considered Katy Perry's mascot who always goes on tour with her. Photo Credit: Peoplepets.com
One of the best parts of watching "The Voice" is to see what crazy antics judge Ceelo Green is up to. But bringing his cat Purrfect on set has to be my favorite. Photo Credit: hollywoodreporter.com

— Cara Meyers, exclusive to Global Animal