(CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES) Cats wearing tights is the ridiculously adorable new trend that we just can’t get enough of. Your feline friend will most likely scratch you for even looking at this gallery, but it’ll totally be worth it. Check out these amazing pictures of fashion savvy kittens in tights! — Global Animal
This kitty looks mighty comfortable in his new fashion accessory. Photo credit: kaffekokarkokboken.blogg.se
Meow! This fancy feline is not afraid of making a bold fashion statement. Photo credit: mirror.co.uk
Rocking a set of house tights paired with slippers = purrrfect. Photo credit: mirror.co.uk
Not afraid to mix and match. Photo credit: dailylife.com.au
Red rain boots and cheetah tights might be too daring for some, but not for this furball. Photo credit: metro.co.uk
This kitty likes to match. Photo credit: mirror.co.uk
Lounging in cat tights is the cat's meow. Photo credit: mirror.co.uk
Giving the term ballerina a whole new meaning. Photo credit: metro.co.uk
Blue socks? Check. Blue undies? Check. Cat nap? Check. Photo credit: dailylife.com.au
New tights can help in the romance arena. Photo credit: mirror.co.uk
This hipster cat is set on bringing the 80's back. Photo credit: mirror.co.uk
Baby cat! Photo credit: dailylife.com.au