(DOGS/DOG BREEDS) Corgis, one of the world’s most loved dog breeds, could be heading straight for the endangered list. Corgis have earned fame in the Internet world as well as a spot in the Royal Family, but now they’re listed on Britain Kennel Club’s “at watch” list and will be classified as a “vulnerable native breed” by January 2014. Read the article below to find out why only 241 Welsh Corgis were registered this year. — Global Animal

corgis, pembroke welsh corgis, dogs
Pembroke Welsh Corgis could be heading straight to the endangered species list. Photo Credit: wallcoo.com

Time, Samantha Grossman

In today’s edition of worst possible news ever: corgis — the dogs popular among the entire Internet and, of course, Queen Elizabeth — could soon earn a place on the endangered breed list. The stubby-legged bundles of cuteness are now on Britain Kennel Club’s “at watch” list and are set to be classified as a “vulnerable native breed” by January, AFP reports.

The club said only 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis were registered this year, and it seems unlikely that they’ll reach the 300 registrations needed to stay off the vulnerable breeds list. The club says this decline correlates with the rise in popularity of smaller foreign breeds, like French bulldogs. (Which, for the record, are really ridiculously cute too.)

The Daily Telegraph, however, blames the decline on a 2007 ban on tail-docking, the practice of cutting off part of the animal’s tail. The Telegraph reports that many breeders say they can’t achieve the desired corgi look without tail-docking, and so many have simply given up on the breed.

So, it’s probably a combination of factors — horrible, terrible, no-good factors — that are coming together to try to wipe out our precious corgis and deprive us of the most divine cuteness the world has ever known.

Of course, it’s the viral content factory BuzzFeed that will probably take this news the hardest, as the site’s business model can be summed up as mo corgis mo money.

More Time: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/11/05/everybody-panic-corgis-are-on-their-way-to-becoming-an-endangered-species/


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