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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Puppy Abuse Sparks Craigslist Controversy

(ANIMAL ABUSE/DOGS) In August of this year, a pit bull known as Puppy Doe was found tortured and abused near Boston. She was in such bad shape that she had to be euthanized. She had been beaten, stabbed, starved, and her tongue was even sliced in half. Since the incident, the perpetrator has still not been found. Puppy Doe, originally named Kiya, had been given away for free via a posting on Craigslist and now the horrific abuse she suffered has sparked an online campaign demanding that Craigslist change their policy on allowing ads for re-homing pets. — Global Animal

Lazy Lab Goes Stair Surfing

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This lazy Lab would rather slide than walk down the stairs. He knows a thing or two about embracing lazy Sundays! — Global Animal

LA Bullhook Ban Beats Circus Cruelty

(CIRCUS ANIMALS/ ACTIVISM) On Wednesday, the city of Los Angeles dealt a crucial blow to circuses in the area, effectively banning bullhooks, and saving elephants a tremendous deal of pain in the process. After a three-year pursuit of the ban, the Los Angeles City Council voted to forbid the weapon after seeing undercover footage of elephants brutally beaten with bullhooks. The undercover video that helped sway the city council came courtesy of PETA, who once again did their part to protect animals. Continue reading below to find out what the bullhook ban means for elephants and circuses. — Global Animal

Alaskan North American Endangered Bird Bald Eagle

See A Bird’s Eye View Of Flying Like An Eagle

(BIRDS/SKIES) GoPro has quickly become the world's most versatile camera, allowing for an infinite amount of creativity in the photography and video production worlds. In terms of the animal kingdom, GoPro has enabled personal encounters with creatures through video capability. These unique and captivating videos allow us to see things we could previously only dream of experiencing. A few months ago, a trainer in the French Alps decided to strap his own GoPro to the back of a bald eagle. His video has become immensely popular because of what it depicts—a literal bird's eye view as we follow the bird's flight through the skies. Read on for some fun facts about the North American bald eagle and see the GoPro video for yourself! — Global Animal

Cheeky Monkey Teases Tiger Cubs

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This is one mischievous little gibbon who gets his thrills by tugging the ears of two perplexed tiger cubs. Curious George was an angel compared to this rascal—the nerve! — Global Animal

sad dog looking sick, lying on ground

How To Know If Your Dog Has Been Poisoned

(PET CARE) Various dog jerky treats from China are being pulled off shelves as the FDA reportedly received more than 3,600 complaints of dogs and cats becoming sick, particularly gastrointestinal illnesses, since January. However, while the FDA has issued a warning for all pet food treats made in China, pet parents should be aware that pet food manufacturers are not required to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their products. While dogs can't exactly tell us when they're sick, they often exhibit non-verbal clues that can help guardians recognize signs of accidental poisoning. Some suggestions that your pet may have ingested something toxic range from the more obvious like fainting, vomiting, and seizures to lethargy, black stool, and heavy panting. But let's face it, we're not all Dr. Dolittle. So for the health and safety of your beloved pet, make sure to read over these tips on how to tell if your dog has been poisoned. — Global Animal

Do You Have A Doggie Doppelganger?

(DOGS) Have you been told your dog is your look-alike? If so, you may have a doggie doppleganger, a concept that sparked a contest this week on Thursday's episode of TODAY. The program highlighted this phenomenon with their own pet look-alike contest. TODAY asked viewers to send in photos of pet guardians with their doggie dopppleganger and the most similar were narrowed down to five contestants. David Frei, co-host of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, was the official judge for the segment. The contestants wore similar clothing and hairstyles to emphasize their similarities. But is there anything to this phenomenon or is just happenstance that some pet parents and their dogs share a resemblance? Scientists seem to think there is more to it than mere coincidence. — Global Animal

Ruby The Wombat Makes Her Grand Entrance

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Ruby the wombat was adopted in 2012 after being discovered in her deceased mother's pouch in New South Wales, Australia. Her adoptive family bottle-fed and cared for her until she was strong enough to roam on her own. In this adorable video, watch the 6-month-old wombat learn to use a cat door for the very first time. The affectionate baby marsupial reportedly stayed with her adoptive caretakers for 16 months until she was reintroduced back into the wild near a national park with a wombat community. — Global Animal

List Of Safety Recall Dog Jerky Treats & Pet Chews From China

(PET FOOD RECALL) The FDA's investigation into chicken, duck, and sweet potatoes jerky treats and chew treats, including rawhide, for dogs from China has yet to give consumers an answer to why their dogs are sick.  Pet food companies such as Purina, Publix, Del Monte, Costco and other brands of pet treats are voluntarily recalling their treats, though the FDA still doesn't know why the dog treats are causing pets to get sick.  The government agency has reportedly received more than 600 complaints of dogs and cats becoming sick, particularly gastrointestinal illnesses. The FDA has issued a warning for all pet food treats made in China. But pet guardians should be aware that pet food manufacturers do not need to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their pet products. 

GIant George, World's Tallest dog, Great Dane sitting on couch

World Famous Colossal Canine Dies

(DOGS/FAMOUS ANIMALS) Giant George, the world's tallest dog, has passed away just a month shy of his eighth birthday. A legend in his lifetime, the blue Great Dane died peacefully in Tucson, Arizona on October 17, 2013, while being comforted by his caretakers Dave and Christie Nasser. The famed Fido weighed in at a whopping 245 pounds, and in 2010 he was named not just the world's tallest dog, but the Guinness Book of World Records' "Tallest Dog Ever." Though George was shockingly the runt of his litter, he measured 43 inches from his paw to his shoulders, and 7 feet, 3 inches when standing on his hind legs. Read on to learn more about this colossal canine's legacy and check him out in these great pictures! — Global Animal
Orca suffers from a floppy dorsal fin, an abnormality that occurs more often in captivity than it does in the wild. Photo Credit: Cowperthwaite/Magnolia Pictures

“Blackfish” Director Dishes Out Dirt On SeaWorld

(MOVIES) For those who couldn't make it to theaters to see Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s critically-renowned documentary Blackfish, you're in luck, because CNN is bringing the film to your TV sets tonight. Released in theaters back in July, Blackfish calls attention to the vast psychological problems killer whales face in captivity and the associated dangers. When Cowperthwaite set out to make the film, she originally intended to focus solely on SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau’s horrific death at the hands of killer whale Tilikum. Unbeknownst to her, Cowperthwaite stumbled upon a well-guarded SeaWorld history laced with tragedy. Blackfish brings a long list of incidents involving trainers and whales to the surface, and does a great job of convincing viewers that animal captivity for entertainment should be a thing of the past. Although Cowperthwaite doesn’t think of herself as an activist, there’s no doubt she’s done an incredible service to the cause. If you’re still not convinced SeaWorld is a terrible place, take a look at the director’s personal thoughts on the issue, and be sure to catch Blackfish tonight, October 24, at 9 p.m. ET on CNN. Continue reading below to learn more about Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s personal experiences with SeaWorld and making her documentary. — Global Animal
Tilikum one of the orcas at SeaWorld sits in captivity.

“Blackfish” Documentary Dives Into SeaWorld’s Dark Depths

(MOVIE REVIEW) Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s 2013 film, Blackfish, does exactly what a great documentary should do. The film is as heartwrenching as the 2009 Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, but at its core, Blackfish is even more horrifying, given that nearly ten million people inadvertently participate in the film’s tragic story every year by visiting SeaWorld parks across the U.S. Blackfish airs on CNN tonight, October 24, at 9pm. Read on to learn more about the critically acclaimed film and see the trailer for yourself. — Global Animal
Tilikum performs in captivity at SeaWorld in Blackfish

Free Willy Falls Far From Freedom

(CAPTIVE ORCAS/KILLER WHALES) With the public finally opening its eyes to the plight of captive killer whales, thanks to the recent release of Blackfish, the collective attitude towards whales in captivity is growing reminiscent of the message portrayed in the early '90s family film, Free Willy. Although it’s been 20 years since Keiko the orca first entered our lives as the star of Warner Brother’s seemingly animal-friendly film franchise, his story has never been more relevant than it is today. Following the film’s release, many fans and spectators began to wonder about the fate of the whale who portrayed Willy on-screen. Tragically, Keiko’s life story doesn’t even come close to the uplifting, glamorized tale of Free Willy. Read on to learn more about Keiko's plight and watch Blackfish on CNN tonight, October 24 at 9pm. — Global Animal

Dog To Driver: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Tommy the dog: I wanna hold your hand! Driver: Safety first! — Global Animal