(FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY) MINNESOTA — Mercy For Animals (MFA) is making major strides in their efforts to have retail giant Wal-mart adopt new animal welfare guidelines, specifically with their pork supplier. This week, MFA released hidden camera footage of shocking animal abuse in the confines of Wal-mart’s pork supplier. The video depicts pregnant pigs caged in gestation crates, which are banned in numerous states and in Europe because they are so cruel to animals.

This is the third time MFA has exposed Wal-mart’s Pork Supplier for their horrific treatment towards animals. Read on to learn more about what the MFA found inside Wal-mart’s Pork Supplier and sign the petition to speak out against Wal-mart’s animal cruelty, and/or sign actor/activist James Cromwell’s petition here. — Global Animal

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Pregnant sows can spend their entire lives in pig gestation crates which prohibit them from turning around. Photo Credit: Humane Society of United States
Mercy For Animals
Undercover Investigation Reveals Shocking Animal Cruelty At Walmart Pork Supplier
Hidden-Camera Footage Revealing Pigs Being Beaten, Abused and Intensively Confined Leads to Law Enforcement Investigation – Group Urges Retail Giant to Adopt Strict Animal Welfare Policies

Pipestone, MN – Shocking hidden-camera video of animal abuse secretly recorded at a Walmart pork supplier was released today at WalmartCruelty.com by the national animal protection organization Mercy For Animals. The disturbing hidden-camera footage, shot at Pipestone System’s Rosewood Farms in Pipestone, Minnesota, is narrated by Emmy-winning actor James Cromwell and reveals pregnant pigs confined for nearly their entire lives in crates barely larger than their own bodies, and piglets being slammed headfirst into the ground and having their testicles ripped out and tails cut off without painkillers. Based on the undercover video, local law enforcement raided the factory farm and has initiated a criminal investigation. Mercy For Animals is calling on retail giant Walmart to immediately adopt new animal welfare guidelines prohibiting its pork suppliers from confining pigs in crates so small they cannot even turn around—something nearly every other major food provider has already done.

The undercover footage reveals the following horrific abuses:
  • Thousands of mother pigs confined to filthy, metal gestation crates so small they are unable to even turn around or lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives
  • Workers beating, throwing, slapping, hitting and screaming obscenities at pigs and piglets
  • Workers slamming piglets into the ground and leaving them to slowly suffer and die
  • Workers ripping out the testicles and slicing off the tails of fully conscious piglets without the use of any painkillers
  • Sick and injured pigs with severe, bleeding wounds or infections left to suffer without veterinary care
Gestation crates have been widely condemned as one of the cruelest factory farming practices in the world. In fact, gestation crates are so inhumane they have been banned in nine U.S. states, as well as in the entire European Union. Recognizing their inherent cruelty, over 60 major food providers, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, Safeway, Kroger, Costco and Kmart, have all demanded their suppliers do away with these cruel crates. Yet Walmart continues to support blatant animal abuse by buying pork from suppliers that condemn intelligent and social animals to a lifetime of misery and deprivation.
“The suffering experienced by the animals is gratuitous, unnecessary, abusive, and counterproductive,” world-renowned animal welfare expert Dr. Bernard Rollin said after viewing the footage. “[The use of gestation crates is] arguably the worst practice in confinement agriculture. I fully expect that, in a few years, we will see the end of the use of such crates everywhere in the civilized world.”
“The hidden cost of Walmart’s cheap pork is blatant animal abuse,” said MFA’s executive director, Nathan Runkle. “No animal should suffer a lifetime locked in a cage so small she can’t even turn around or lie down comfortably. It’s high time that Walmart took meaningful action to ensure that the animals raised and killed for its stores do not endure lives filled with pain and misery.”
To view the undercover video, visit www.WalmartCruelty.com. (Warning: Video content is extremely disturbing)
TAKE ACTION: Speak Out Against Walmart’s Cruelty

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