(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) With the Boston Red Sox leading the St. Louis Cardinals 3-2, tonight’s Game 6 may very well be the final night of the 2013 World Series.

While tickets to tonight’s game at Fenway Park cost upwards of $2000 a seat, there’s no doubting die-hard fans are simply begging for a chance to witness history in the making up-close and from the Green Monster!

Check out these Red Sox and Cardinals furry fans as they step up to the plate for their favorite teams! — Global Animal

He must be a benchwarmer. Photo Credit: totalprosports.com
This pup must be a benchwarmer! Photo Credit: totalprosports.com
The Cardinals' #1 Fan! Photo Credit: Flickr, stitchesandspools
Go Sox! Photo Credit: delawareonline.com
A Cardinals dog at Busch Stadium! Photo Credit: markingourterritory.wordpress.com
"Hey! Guinea pigs can like baseball, too!" Photo Credit: boston.com
"Matt Holliday is my All Star!" Photo Credit: baxterboo.com
Is that a corgi or Big Papi? Photo Credit: mod-blog.blogspot.com
Photo Credit: baxterboo.com
Photo Credit: zeezoey.com
Photo Credit: markingourterritory.wordpress.com
Photo Credit: thefinchandpea.com
Photo Credit: etsystatic.com

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