(ANIMAL PICTURES/CULTURE) This past weekend, generations of fans lost their favorite 4th grade teacher when The Simpsons star Marcia Wallace, voice of Mrs. Krabappel, passed away. In memoriam, we present some of our favorite animals from The Simpsons over the years. — Global Animal

Bart's pet elephant Stampy.
Poochie the dog.
Homer's pet lobster Pinchy.
Springfield Elementary's pet hamster Nibbles.
Homer's spirit guide. Aka Johnny Cash as a talking coyote.
Lisa's pet cat Snowball V.
Homers helper monkey Mojo.
Lovejoy's pet sheepdog.
Snorky the dolphin king.
Harry Plopper from The Simpsons Movie.
Blinky the mutated fish.
Santa's Little Helper
Selma's pet iguana Jub-Jub.
Itchy and Scratchy

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