(ANIMAL WELFARE/INSECTS) CHINA—  There are currently over a hundred buildings in China where certain animals are being raised for profit. Like in any other typical factory farm, the workers squeeze hundreds of the animals together in foul conditions—except in these particular farms, they’re not raising cows or chickens, but cockroaches.

Wang Fuming, a 43-year-old Chinese farmer, is the owner of the biggest factory, which boasts 10 million roaches. He tries to conceal its location, knowing very well that factories like his pose a risk to the community. In fact, just a few months ago, over one million cockroaches escaped from a farm and had to be tracked down by disease control authorities.

This new disturbing trend is quickly becoming a profitable venture as more farmers are choosing the low maintenance cockroaches that are bred, and then boiled to be pulverized into powder, and sold to medical and cosmetic industries. Proponents claim cockroach powder has properties that help cure baldness, AIDS, and cancer. Strangely, while some can’t say enough about the magical properties of the powder, some companies who are using it in their products choose to omit their “secret ingredient.” Read more at the link below to learn about this unsavory business. — Global Animal

Photo credit: www.emilyvoigt.com
A worker checks on the insects. Photo credit: Emily Voigt

Read the Los Angeles Times article here: http://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-c1-china-cockroach-20131015-dto,0,4704825.htmlstory

Watch the video below to learn more about the growth of cockroach farms in China.

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