Lab Animals Never Fear, Hamstrong Is Here!

Hamstrong is an iPhone app and cartoon geared for children, that teaches the truth behind lab animals.
The Hamstrong iPhone app, and cartoon web series hopes to teach kids the horrors behind animal testing. Photo Credit:

Anthony Armentano, exclusive to Global Animal

The fight against animal cruelty has a new cartoon poster boy—the underdog hero, Hamstrong!

Created by GFZ Group, Hamstrong is a laboratory hamster imprisoned against his own will, who outsmarts his captors and dedicates his freedom to rescuing other animal captives. The cartoon’s story exists as a multimedia experience consisting of an animated web series, iPhone game, and music video.

Hamstrong's creators look to educate kids on the dangers of animal testing, as well as entertain them. Photo Credit: Hamstrong/Facebook
Hamstrong’s creators seek to entertain and educate kids on the dangers of animal testing. Photo Credit: Hamstrong/Facebook

The web series, aptly titled Hamstrong, will use a combination of truth and humor to educate viewers on the horrors of animal testing in addition to promoting cruelty-free testing. The series is tailored towards younger audiences, but it’s message transcends age. Although the cartoon holds an extremely important message, it’s entertainment value doesn’t fall by the wayside, and is sure to captivate children.

In order to fund the production, the studio will use the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where supporters can donate money to the project in exchange for a variety of gifts.

Check out Hamstrong‘s Facebook page for updates on the web series and helpful tips on how to educate children on the subject of animal cruelty.

Keep up with everything Hamstrong by heading to the show’s website. iPhone users can also download the free Hamstrong video game app.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the web series’ debut, coming soon!

Watch Hamstrong make his death-defying escape in the series’ trailer below: