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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Snowball & Motmot Win Halloween Pet Costume Contest

(HALLOWEEN PET COSTUME CONTEST) The votes are in for our Halloween Pet Costume Photo contest! Check out all the entries in Halloween Pet Costume Contest: Vote for your favorites album at our Facebook page ( . And the winner of the Halloween Pet Costume Contest is... — Global Animal
Pigs, Gestation Crates, Animal Cruelty, Factory Farms, Walmart

Tell Walmart To Rollback Animal Cruelty

(FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY) MINNESOTA — Mercy For Animals (MFA) is making major strides in their efforts to have retail giant Wal-mart adopt new animal welfare guidelines, specifically with their pork supplier. This week, MFA released hidden camera footage of shocking animal abuse in the confines of Wal-mart's pork supplier. The video depicts pregnant pigs caged in gestation crates, which are banned in numerous states and in Europe because they are so cruel to animals. This is the third time MFA has exposed Wal-mart's Pork Supplier for their horrific treatment towards animals. Read on to learn more about what the MFA found inside Wal-mart's Pork Supplier and sign the petition to speak out against Wal-mart's animal cruelty, and/or sign actor/activist James Cromwell's petition here. — Global Animal

Stephen Colbert Calls Out Rhino Hunters

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/BLACK RHINO) This past week on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert brought attention to an absurd new proposition to save endangered black rhinos - by killing one of them. The Dallas Safari Club plans to auction off the opportunity to shoot and kill an endangered rhino and then donate the money to saving the black rhino population. The auction will take place in January and is expected to raise around $750,000. The money will be donated to the Conservation Trust Fund for Namibia's Black Rhino. While the cause is noble, the method of procuring the funds is hardly what animal rights activists would call conservation. — Global Animal

Cooper The Banana Cat

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Cooper is an 18-month-old, cream-white Persian kitty who loves to try delectable treats. After becoming a banana split sundae for Halloween, Cooper was rewarded with a fresh banana. Happy Halloween, Cooper! — Global Animal

Red Sox Vs. Cardinals: Furry Fans Face Off! (GALLERY)

(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) With the Boston Red Sox leading the St. Louis Cardinals 3-2, tonight's Game 6 may very well be the final night of the 2013 World Series. While tickets to tonight's game at Fenway Park cost upwards of $2000 a seat, there's no doubting die-hard fans are simply begging for a chance to witness history in the making up-close and from the Green Monster! Check out these Red Sox and Cardinals furry fans as they step up to the plate for their favorite teams! — Global Animal

The Well-Intentioned Eater: Vegetarian Voyage To P.F. Chang’s

(VEGETARIAN/GREEN LIVING) Going out to dinner isn’t always easy if you’re a vegetarian and sometimes impossible for vegans. I’ve been traveling lately and as a result I've been eating out a lot more. Like most of us, I have my favorite restaurants with my go-to dishes. The thing is most of those go-to dishes include meat, especially at P.F. Chang’s—from Mongolian beef, P.F. Chang’s fried rice combo and crispy honey shrimp, to sesame chicken and pork dumplings. So this was the perfect place for me to shake things up a bit and go vegetarian. Read on to learn more about my vegetarian excursion to P.F. Chang's. — Global Animal

Our Favorite Animals From The Simpsons (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/CULTURE) As a tribute to Mrs. Krabappel, we bring you some of our favorite animals from The Simpsons over the years. — Global Animal

Pumpkin Playtime With Big Cats

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Every year after Halloween the Big Cat Rescue receives leftover pumpkins from stores for the enrichment of the cats. Watch as the tigers, panthers, leopards, and lynx play with, pounce on, and generally demolish their new toys. — Global Animal

Halloween Pet Costume Contest: Let The Voting Begin!

(HALLOWEEN PET COSTUME CONTEST) The photos have been submitted, and now it is time to vote for your favorites in our third annual Halloween pet costume contest! To cast your vote, visit Global Animal’s Facebook page, go to our photo albums, and select the Halloween Pet Costume Contest 2013 album. Simply “Like” your favorite pictures to vote and there you have it! Voting will close October 30th at midnight. The winner will be featured on Global Animal’s front page on Halloween, October 31. Happy voting! — Global Animal

Australian "Lost World" Unveils Three New Species

‘Lost World’ Expedition Unearths New Species

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL DISCOVERY) AUSTRALIA — A recent expedition to the previously unexplored territory dubbed the "Lost World" of Australia has already unveiled three new species believed to be one million years old.The journey was made by a team of researchers, scientists, filmmakers, and photographers, all of whom were united by an innate curiosity to delve into the unknown. It was a collaborative effort made between James Cook University and National Geographic. Read on to learn more about the "Lost World" and check out the three new species. — Global Animal

Masked Monkey Business Unveiled

(ANIMAL WELFARE) INDONESIA — It's a year-round vision of Halloween season in Indonesia as poverty-stricken natives roam the streets with trained, masked macaques—an attraction gone majorly wrong, and one that is finally facing permanent banishment. Masked monkey exhibitions in Jakarta have been banned by Governor Joko Widodo ("Jokowi") in an effort to retain public order, stop animal abuse, and reduce disease. Street performances involving macaques have been a long-standing tradition in Indonesian culture due to its ability to produce a small revenue for those struggling with finances. The monkeys are often heavily abused and tortured in the training process, and are forced to wear and do unnatural acts. Security forces were recently sent out to rescue these captive macaques as the city government plans to buy back all monkeys and shelter them at a preserve. Read the article below for more information on the masked monkeys' tale, and Jokowi's efforts to save them! — Global Animal

The Hot Seat: Animals Cope With Climate Change (GALLERY)

(WILDLIFE PICTURES) Climate change, the age old topic of debate, returns. Well, it's real and it's happening. And even more telling is the effect the steady rise in temperature has had on some of our fondest wildlife species. Ice caps are melting and the world is becoming increasingly hotter. It's no surprise then to learn who struggles and who perseveres. But do we really want to see the extinction of species like the beloved emperor penguin and the cuddly polar bear in the coming years? The gallery below features a variety of winners and losers facing the hot seat. How will these creatures stand against changing conditions? — Global Animal

Baby Monkey Tackles iPhone

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This baby monkey seems pretty pleased with herself as she expertly masters a rather complicated iPhone app game. Where's Siri when you need her?! — Global Animal

FDA Finally Does Its Job! Responds To Pet Food Recall

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally getting involved in the safety of consumer pet products? In light of recent events, including the recall of Chinese pet products that caused sickness in nearly four thousand dogs and cats across the U.S., the FDA has proposed a set of rules that would dictate the regulation of pet food and farm animal feed for the first time. The new rules would help prevent food-bourn illness in both animals and humans, and would drastically reduce the probability of something like the recall pandemic from happening again. Feel free to look over the proposed regulation here to post any relevant comments concerning its future establishment, and be sure to read the article below for more details on how you can be involved in keeping your companion safe and healthy! — Global Animal