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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Firefighter Rescues Kitten From House Fire

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Witness this amazing rescue captured on a GoPro camera strapped to firefighter Cory Kalanick as he saves a kitten from a house fire in Fresno, California. The little fellow was later named "Lucky." Lucky, indeed! — Global Animal

About Dog Breeds: Greyhound

Greyhound About Greyhounds are tall, slender dogs with long, narrow heads and a tapered muzzle. They have a long tail with a slight upward curve. This...

Wilbur’s Narrow Escape

(ANIMAL RESCUE/FARM ANIMALS) Last week, one daring piglet summed up the bravery to make the ultimate escape. Little did he know, jumping out of the moving trailer would lead to a much better fate. Yoda, as he was later named, survived the fall and successfully escaped the slaughterhouse where he was headed. Read on to learn more about his courageous endeavor and his new life at Wishing Well Animal Sanctuary in Toronto. — Global Animal

Sea Turtle Populations Plummet Due To Plastic Pollution

(OCEANS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Scientists have found that 50 percent of all sea turtles are ingesting plastic, and this number is only increasing as plastic pollution continues to surge. "These patches are not going away," says lead author Erik van Sebille, an oceanographer at the University of New South Wales. "The garbage patches will stay there for at least the next thousand years." Studies show this problem is not only prominent in heavily populated areas like New York City, but also in places like Brazil. Continue reading for more information on how plastic waste is becoming a global issue, and consider these tips on reducing your own plastic consumption. — Global Animal

Detroit Councilman To Send In The Goats

(POLITICS/FARM ANIMALS) Detroit’s large number of overgrown lots may have residents cringing as they pass by, but goats are licking their lips. In an effort to clean up the vacant lots, Detroit City Councilman James Tate wants to bring in goats to trim the grass. Continue reading below to find out how this unique lawn mowing method is experiencing a surge of popularity. — Global Animal

Prince William: Animal Friend Or Foe?

(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Just as Prince William was settling down to take a well-deserved year off from his royal responsibility, news broke that his two guard dogs in the British army have been euthanized. The terrible news is of no fault to the prince, but it comes at an inopportune moment, as William recently stressed his concern for all global wildlife. Additionally, the prince is no stranger to sport hunting, which will be a tough obstacle to overcome if he’s truly serious about his new animal-loving lifestyle. Is Prince William truly an animal lover, or is his past too much to compete with? Read the article below and decide for yourself. — Global Animal

Dog Saves Baby From Close Crawl

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This little pup is no doubt a local hero after taking a break from a game of fetch to rush to the rescue of a baby on the loose! Watch this heroic dog run to stop this adventurous baby from crawling into waters near Kabak Bay in Turkey. Fortunately, moments later, the infant's mother runs to scoop up the rogue tot. — Global Animal

About Dog Breeds: French Bulldog

French Bulldog About French Bulldogs are pleasant, sturdy, compact dogs. They have large square heads, a rounded forehead, and wide set eyes. They have black noses...

Grand Theft Auto Blowout: Activists Demand Boycott

(ANIMAL WELFARE/CULTURE) Last week marked a historic moment in the gamer world—the release of the next volume of the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto." A few days after its release, animal rights group In Defense of Animals responded with a rebuttal against the treatment of the virtual animals depicted in the programming. Read on to learn about the groups' plea for a boycott and share your thoughts in the comments below. — Global Animal

Pet Tech Tools Ease Pet Stress

(PETS) Things can get stressful when you’re away from your pet for long periods of time, but recent technology is hoping to ease these fears. Whether you’re wondering what your pet does while you're away or looking to stimulate your pet companion intellectually, there are a variety of devices that can help. From dog treadmills to electronic pet doors, the world of animal technology is constantly changing. Read the article at the link below to find out which new innovations can help you feel better about leaving your animal alone. — Global Animal

Puppy Vs. The World

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch Loki the Puppy as he fights a lemon, faces himself in the mirror, gets a cute case of the hiccups, and more! Witness this pup progress into adulthood in some of the cutest ways possible! — Global Animal

A Ruff Choice: “Chicago Fire” Unleashes Top Dog Finalists

(CELEBRITY/HERO DOGS) Move over Lassie, there's a new four-legged star in town! The NBC drama "Chicago Fire" announced the finalists for their "Chicago Fire" Top Dog Competition. Show stars Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer announced on the Today Show their top three picks in their search for the perfect firehouse pooch. Pups Dempsey, Smokey, and Wilshire made their television debut today alongside their firehouse companions. The trio were chosen from more than one-hundred firehouse dogs nationwide, and now it's our turn to decide. Visit to cast your vote for who you think should fetch top-dog honors. The winner, announced October 1, gets to test their acting pork chops with a walk-on role on "Chicago Fire." But as far as we're concerned, they're all winners! Read on for these heroic dogs' amazing stories and check out "Chicago Fire," premiering tonight on NBC. — Global Animal

North Carolina Fights To Put An End To Fox Pens

(WILDLIFE/TAKE ACTION) Training exercise or torture? Many residents of North Carolina are asking that very question when it comes a gruesome hunting practice known as fox penning. The cruel practice involves the capture of coyotes and foxes in steel traps. Once caught, the hunters imprison the animals in small, overcrowded cages where they are hardly attended, only receiving minimal food and water. After the animals spend days in small cages they’re then moved to a fenced enclosure called a “hunt pen.” Read on to learn more about fox penning and sign the petition at — Global Animal  

About Dog Breeds: American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel About The Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized, sturdy dog. Their head is rounded with a pronounced stop, and their muzzle is broad and...