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Citizens of North Carolina have begun to petition their local legislators in an attempt to ban fox penning. Sign the online petition below to help put an end to this barbaric practice. Photo Credit:

Training exercise or torture? Many residents of North Carolina are asking that very question when it comes to a gruesome hunting practice known as fox penning.

The cruel practice involves the capture of coyotes and foxes in steel traps. Once caught, the hunters imprison the animals in small, overcrowded cages where they are hardly attended, only receiving minimal food and water. After the animals spend days in small cages they’re then moved to a fenced enclosure called a “hunt pen.” 

In the “hunt pen,” a number of foxes and coyotes await their dismal future. Packs of hunting dogs are then released into the pens to chase after the captive animals, under the guise of a training exercise.

Hunters claim the intention is never to cause the animals harm, but it’s an inevitable fate nonetheless.

The captive foxes and coyotes are chased to exhaustion, and when the hunting dogs catch up to the animals, they tear the animals apart.

Other states have previously done away with the barbaric practice. Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, voted to ban all fox and coyote hunt pens on June 10, 2010.

Animal loving citizens of North Carolina believe they can outlaw the practice in their state as well.

Sign the petition here to prohibit
Sign the petition here to prohibit fox and coyote pens in North Carolina.

JO Henderson of Sophia, North Carolina has started a petition to get Senator Phil Berger’s attention on The petition calls for an end to this abysmal hunting practice, and could use some more support. The petition has received over 5,000 signatures, but still has a ways to go.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition to prohibit fox and coyote pens in North Carolina.

Also, make sure to watch the video opposing fox penning, created by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). CAUTION: Images may be disturbing to some viewers.

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