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Don’t let this book’s tame title fool you. The Tourist Trail by John Yunker is an action-packed, poignant adventure of people involved in animal rights. Weaving between four main characters, the book is an exciting tale of fates intertwined.

Angela, a devoted biologist studying Magellanic penguins at a research station in Patagonia, finds herself in a head-spinning romance with Aeneas, a wanted eco-terrorist who is pursued by Robert, once an undercover FBI agent on Aeneas’s ship, now torn between his loyalty to the animal cause and his need to capture Aeneas. The book is a carefully planned out web of lives colliding together, and a masterful look into the minds of those devoted to helping animals.

Aeneas is a warrior, a man who will go to great lengths to protect Mother Nature from humans, because as he puts it, “There’s always a hunting season for something somewhere.” Meanwhile, Aeneas’s perseverance in what seems to be a never-ending battle to aid the helpless is inspiring and refreshing. His combative methods highly contrast with Angela’s stoic approach, but both characters force the reader to question the human tourist’s approach to nature, and help us grasp the concept of humans—not as sightseers or observers, but as fully-participating components of Earth, capable of fighting for our beliefs.

The book is perfect for any reader as it covers multiple genres including adventure, romance, and environmentalism. The Tourist Trail‘s carefully-stringed sequence of events will not let you put the book down, and its shocking aftermath will be eye-opening. As Robert meets Aeneas for the very last time, who will come out victorious?

Publisher: Ashland Creek Press

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