Great DaneGreat Dane


Great Danes are most famous for their statuesque size as well as their lean and muscular body. They come in a variety of coats including fawn, blue, brindle, black, mantle, harlequin and sometimes merle. Their coat is short and thick. Their ears should be floppy and not cropped. They have perfectly straight front legs with round paws and dark toenails.

Danes are gentle giants. They are very friendly but need to be monitored as their size can oftentimes overwhelm small children and even adults. They are very affectionate dogs who enjoy leaning and sitting on their guardians, earning them the title of the world’s biggest lapdogs.


The Great Dane is a very old breed known as the “Apollo of all dogs.” The Danes hail from Germany where they became popular among the gentry for their majestic appearance and hunting skills. Due to their size and build the Danes possess great speed and physical endurance when going after a prey.

The Great Dane breed is a mix of Irish Wolfhounds, old English Mastiffs and Greyhounds.


The breed is usually good with children, but precautions should be taken due to the Dane’s size. They are known as gentle giants but need to be socialized and trained early on.

The Great Dane is a social animal, it thrives on contact with people and animals. If properly trained the Great Dane makes for a great family dog as it loves a family environment. The Danes are mellow and gentle with children, but make for good guard dogs if need be.


  • Height: Males 30 – 34 inches / Females 28 – 32 inches
  • Weight: Males 120 – 200 pounds / Females 100 – 130 pounds
  • Lifespan: Up to 10 years
  • Grooming: Minimal

Care & Health

Great Danes enjoy big yards, but can also live in an apartment as long as they get a moderate amount of daily exercise. However it’s important not to over exercise the breed, particularly when they’re still puppies. Great Danes grow large very quickly, putting them at risk for joint and bone problems.

Other health problems include heart disease, bloat, and dysplasia.

Your Love Match

The perfect pet parent of a Great Dane:

  • Willing to teach
  • Ready to share space
  • Must like cuddling
  • Patient