(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) PETA has posted an action alert against the NFL’s alleged funding of animal testing. The organization is petitioning to end the practice of simulating sports injuries on mice, rats, and even dogs. Their website displays a shockingly graphic image of a rat being hit in the head with a metal rod as part of the alleged experiments. According to PETA, the research is being conducted at several universities as well as private labs. They suggest the NFL is funding the research due to recent legal matters concerning injured football players. PETA asserts the testing is not only unethical but also inefficient. Read the full article below for more information and click here to email the NFL or call them at 212-450-2000 to urge them to discontinue this brutal practice. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: PSFK
PETA claims the experiments include recreating head and spinal injuries on animals. Photo Credit: PSFX

Bleacher Report, Dan Carson

PETA has recently issued a press release alleging that the National Football League is responsible for laboratory research that is harming animals.

Rick Chandler of SportsGrid.comreports that PETA has launched a petition titled “Unnecessary Roughness,” with the goal of stopping sports-injury research that is allegedly being conducted on animals. 

An excerpt from PETA’s press release:

“For years, the National Football League Foundation, formerly known as NFL Charities, has quietly funded horrific and deadly sports-injury experiments on dogs, mice, rats and other animals…These projects, many of which are ongoing, are crudely designed to recreate injuries on the football field.”

Their statement lists a number of universities in the U.S. allegedly conducting these experiments, along with “private laboratories.” 

PETA alleges that the experiments being conducted are designed to recreate head, spinal and other sports-related injuries. The website provided .GIF of one such alleged experiment, which shows a rat being thumped in the head with a metal rod. 

The release also states that severe knee injuries are being inflicted on dogs, which are subsequently put down and examined. PETA points to the NFL’s recent $765 million settlement with former players suffering from head injuries incurred on the playing field as the reason for the animal experiments. It also made mention of the league’s pledge to allocate $10 million to fund “research and education.”

The press release concluded that the alleged experiments are not only harmful to animals, but have been ineffective in research.

“Continuing to bash in animals’ heads and cripple dogs won’t help prevent and treat injuries sustained by NFL players. It’s time for a new playbook when it comes to advancing the science of treating traumatic injuries.”

The NFL has not responded PETA’s allegations as of the time of this writing.

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TAKE ACTION: Click here or call 212-450-2000 to ask NFL officials to stop this barbaric and unnecessary animal testing!

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