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Tofurkyfest will honor the company’s new production plant, pictured above. Photo Credit:

The first annual Tofurkyfest is taking place this weekend in Oregon. The company is opening a new production plant in Hood River and is throwing a celebration starting Friday, September 6th.

Tofurky, a brand of Turtle Island Foods, Inc. offers a variety of vegan substitutes for meats and cheeses, ranging from deli “meats” to whole pizzas.

The event will include a wide range of events, including a golf tournament, vegetarian cooking classes, a fun run, and a disco/costume ball. Tofurky will also lead tours around its new facility, which includes a Bocce court for its employees. Visitors will be able to sample Tofurky hot dogs and sausages as well as some of their newest creations.

The main events will be held on Saturday, including the grand opening banquet. Special guest speakers at the banquet will include Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society of the United States and Dr. Michael Greger, Director of Animal Health and Agriculture of HSUS.

The event features faux cheese. Photo Credit:
The event features Miyoku Shinner’s artisan faux cheese. Photo Credit:

For more information, visit the event website at

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— Elana Pisani, exclusive to Global Animal