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About Dog Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog About Bernese Mountain Dogs are large, strong, sturdy dogs. They have broad faces and muzzles. This breed has a long, thick coat suitable...

Juice Beauty Chooses Compassion Over Cruelty

(ANIMAL RIGHTS/ANIMAL TESTING) Organic cosmetics giant, Juice Beauty, recently chose to sacrifice money for animal rights. Upon learning that Chinese markets require cosmetic testing on animals, Juice Beauty opted out of the lucrative market, vowing not to commit until such absurd requirements are lifted. Several other companies have also made the vow, and many more are on the way. Read on to discover how Juice Beauty earned PETA's "Courage in Commerce Award" for their compassionate actions! — Global Animal

Cherokees Chide Cruelty At Roadside Zoo

(ANIMAL WELFARE/WILDLIFE) In an effort to free four imprisoned grizzly bears from the infamous Cherokee Bear Zoo, two tribal elders of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians have announced their intent to file suit against the horrible roadside establishment. Amy Walker and Peggy Hill said the bears are being held in unlivable cages in barren concrete pits, violating the federal Endangered Species Act. This news comes as the latest development in a public campaign to close three private bear zoos on the Cherokee Indian Reservation. "The Cherokee Bear Zoo is an open concrete grave for these intelligent animals," Walker states, noting that all four bears exhibit behaviors demonstrating psychological harm. Read on for more information on the steps being taken to shut down this horrible facility. — Global Animal

Obama Enlists Furry Friends (GALLERY)

(ANIMALS IN POLITICS) President Obama recently launched a new publicity campaign to raise awareness for the Affordable Care Act, his signature legislation. He hopes the new effort will lead to an increase in sales of Obamacare until the launch of the health reform. The new memes, dubbed the "Adorable Care Act," feature cuddly creatures who broadcast the benefits of the program. They've been appearing all over Tumblr and Twitter lately, and were even tweeted by the White House. Check them out in the gallery below! — Global Animal

Sleepy Bulldog Tries To Stay Awake

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This sleepy bulldog named Stanley really hates missing out and is trying his best not to fall asleep. — Global Animal

Clinton’s Crusade Combats Elephant Poachers

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/POACHING) Traditionally elephants have been symbols of the Republican Party, but that won’t stop Hillary Clinton from lending the pachyderms a helping hand. On Thursday, Clinton announced an $80 million plan to combat elephant poaching and trafficking. If elephant poaching continues at the same rate, the giant land animals are expected to disappear within a decade. Continue reading below to see how Clinton’s plan will aid the elephant cause. — Global Animal

Crime Fighting Rodents Sniff Out Bad Guys

(WORKING ANIMALS) The latest species to join forces with the Dutch police department may be an unconventional partnership, but they're being trained to sniff out an impressive variety of odors, including drugs and explosives. Derrick, Thomson and Thompson, Magnum, and Poirot—all Rotterdam rats—have been working with police inspector Monique Hamerslag in an effort to keep the streets clean and save the police both time and money. "As far as we know, we're the first in the world to train rats to be used in police investigations," says Hamerslag. Read on for more information on these  little crime fighters and the training that goes into making their noses fit for duty. — Global Animal

Retired Military Dog Meets Kitten

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This retired military working dog had never seen a kitten before. Watch as Chef H067 meets his rambunctious new playmate for the very first time. — Global Animal

Martha Stewart Urges Gov. Christie: Protect Pregnant Pigs!

(CELEBRITY NEWS/FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY) She'd never be caught living in a pigsty, but the queen of fine living is fighting for the little oinkers' homes. Martha Stewart is calling on her hometown of New Jersey's legislators to help protect pigs from gestation crates—a common but cruel practice in the pork industry. In an open letter she urges lawmakers to reaffirm their support of a statewide ban on the extreme confinement of breeding pigs in cages that are so small the little sows are unable to move a single inch in any direction. Pigs are social, intelligent creatures, and this kind of inhumane treatment causes both physical and psychological disorders. In May, the state legislature overwhelmingly voted to prohibit these barbaric devices, but reportedly under pressure from out-of-state pork interests, NJ Governor Chris Christie vetoed the bill. Now a coalition of animal welfare organizations from all over the country—with Martha right by their side—are urging lawmakers to finish the job they started and override Christie's veto. This common-sense legislation, already enacted in nine other states, requires breeding pigs to at least be allowed to stand-up, lie down, and turn around in the crate they're confined to. Sounds like basic decency to me! Read below for more on the campaign to end this abusive practice and click here to watch the Humane Society of the United States' ad depicting how millions of innocent pigs are forced to live. — Global Animal

Most Dramatic Dog Ever

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Sad music makes guilty dog infinitely more guilty. Don't worry, little pup! We forgive you! — Global Animal

Chipotle: The Real Deal Or Misleading Marketing?

(FACTORY FARMING/CULTURE) A tremendous amount of buzz is surrounding Chipotle Mexican Grill after their release of The Scarecrow, an artful and inspiring short film depicting the horrors of factory farming. The Scarecrow is the second short film/ad released by Chipotle. Their first short film was titled Back to the Start, and shared a similar anti-factory farming theme to the recently released advertisement. Although it is apparent that both ads resonate with consumers and has certainly established the homegrown Chipotle chain as a model of these “naturally raised” beliefs, the food-giant certainly has its critics. Read on to learn more about Chiptole's motives and hypocrisy. — Global Animal

Review Of “Speciesism: The Movie”, A Film That Speaks For The Silenced

(MOVIE REVIEW)Director Mark Devries’ Speciesism: The Movie is an eye-opening, yet fresh take on the array of atrocities brought on by the factory farming industry. Most film reviews will note the horrific images throughout the farming industry, but it's the director's experiences that makes the film truly relatable. The documentary follows Devries on a personal journey, as he uncovers the truths behind the industry and experiences a change of heart based on those discoveries. After originally setting out to film animal advocacy groups and how they operate, Devries finds himself immersed in completely unexpected territory. – Global Animal

About Dog Breeds: Chow Chow

Chow Chow About Chow Chows are large, fluffy, stocky dogs. Two main things set this breed apart: their blue-black tongues, and their straight stiff back legs...

Stars Hop Into Action For Bunnies: End Cosmetic Cruelty!

(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Owain Yeoman may play a tough FBI agent on the hit CBS drama "The Mentalist," but now he reveals his softer side; telling us bunnies are for cuddling not cosmetic testing. He joins Grammy-nominated singer Leona Lewis in support of the "Be Cruelty-Free" campaign of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Humane Society International (HSI). They're donning their cruelty-free t-shirts to get a jump on International Rabbit Day on September 28th, and help put an end to animal testing for cosmetics. In laboratories around the world, thousands of rabbits and other animals are being horribly used in painful eye and skin irritation tests just so we can have another moisturizer or blush on the market. Europe, Israel, and India already banned cosmetic animal testing and now it's time for the rest of us to hop to it! Read on to learn how you can help the HSUS' "Be Cruelty-Free" campaign and check out "The Mentalist," premiering Sunday night on CBS. — Global Animal