(ENDANGERED ANIMALS/WILDLIFE) Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo welcomed a newborn rhino this week. The black rhino is an endangered species with only a little over 5,000 left in the wild. The Eastern black rhino is popular among poachers because of the supposed medicinal properties of its horn. Zookeepers have been trying to breed the animals to increase their numbers but it can be difficult given their limited window of opportunity for conception. On Monday, the zoo’s breeding program resulted in a successful birth of a 60 pound male calf. Watch the video below and check out the adorable pictures of the newborn and his mother, Kapuki. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Reuteres
The male calf explores his surroundings. Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg

Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg
This baby black rhino was the first to be born at Lincoln Park Zoo in 24 years. Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg
Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg
The calf stays close to his mother. Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg

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