(ANIMAL ABUSE) PETA is working hard to expose and put an end to a new, demented global trend, animal “crush” videos. The unspeakable animal-torture videos originate in the Philippines but are made for a niche market of deranged people all over the world. Fortunately, the U.S. has enacted a federal law banning the sale of such videos, but PETA is currently asking you to urge the Philippine ambassador to the U.S. to support criminalizing the sale of “crush” videos in the Philippines. Read below to learn about the precedent-setting case involving this disturbing fetish and see how you can help stop this gruesome fad. — Global Animal
PETA needs your help criminalizing animal “crush” videos globally. Photo Credit: LATimes


PETA Asia is working to expose and stop those allegedly behind a series of horrifying pornographic videos originating in the Philippines in which scantily clad girls as young as 12 are videotaped torturing animals. These snuff or “crush” videos typically depict stepping, standing, or stomping on animals—from mice to large dogs—and are made for a niche market of demented individuals all around the world. The videos are so heinous that the U.S. enacted a federal law to ban their sale.

PETA Asia and the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation, responding to information from a whistleblower, conducted a confidential investigation for more than a year into one couple allegedly responsible for the production of “crush” videos that showed scantily clad young girls stomping on live animals, cutting the ears off screaming rabbits who were then set on fire, repeatedly driving a sharp stiletto heel into the eye of a monkey, and doing other horrific acts so disturbing that we will spare you the details.
After an extensive search, the couple, Dorma Ridon and her husband, Vicente Ridon, were arrested and charged with violating child abuse, animal welfare, human trafficking, and wildlife-protection laws. Their trial is currently underway, and they continue to be held in custody, with a judgment on the charges expected early next year.
This is a precedent-setting case that sends a clear message to people around the world: If you make such videos, you will be caught and you will go to jail. You can help make sure that this message is heard by Philippine officials by urging the Philippine ambassador to the United States to support proposals to criminalize the sale of “crush” videos in the Philippines.
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More PETA: http://www.peta.org/action/action-alerts/Help-Ban-Horrifying-Animal-Abuse-Videos-in-the-Philippines.aspx




  1. The Philippines is known to have one of the WORST animal cruelty cases the world has ever known. Yup, having a Ms. World and animal cruelty cases fits in so much! World class evil behavior indeed.

  2. Animal crush videos did NOT originate in the PH, and they are a global issue. And it is not a "fad". Its been around for a very long time and the first accepted animal crush video was actually an indie film that was released here in the States. Jeff Vilencia, a Californian, is one known director of crush films, such as"Smush" He ran a former film business doing these types of films.