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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Kittens Cat Nap On Puppy

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch these two kittens enjoy a little cat nap on this one-year-old Pyrenees-Husky puppy. Simply too cute! — Global Animal

Black Rhino Born At Chicago Zoo

(ENDANGERED ANIMALS/WILDLIFE) Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo welcomed a newborn rhino this week. The black rhino is an endangered species with only a little over 5,000 left in the wild. The Eastern black rhino is popular among poachers because of the supposed medicinal properties of its horn. Zookeepers have been trying to breed the animals to increase their numbers but it can be difficult given their limited window of opportunity for conception. On Monday, the zoo's breeding program resulted in a successful birth of a 60 pound male calf. Watch the video below and check out the adorable pictures of the newborn and his mother, Kapuki. — Global Animal

Stock Car Driver Races To Save Dolphins

(OCEANS/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Activist and race car driver, Leilani Münter, is adding fuel to a Tempe, Arizona event in support of Japan Dolphins Day. The event, which is set to correspond with the beginning of Japan’s annual dolphin drive hunt, commences on Friday. Münter joins a dedicated group of activists that hope to educate the world on the horrors of Japan’s hunts. Continue reading below to find out how Münter has aided dolphins in the past, and learn what’s in store for the event in Arizona. — Global Animal

Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW: Refuge For Retired Chimps

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Following the National Institutes of Health's recent decision to retire 300 of its chimpanzees used in research, attention is turning to where these chimps will call home. Sanctuaries within the U.S. are an obvious choice, but not all of them are equipped to rescue new chimps. Sanctuaries will need to expand and they rely on donations to run their facilities. We spoke with Diana Goodrich, Director of Outreach at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest to get a sense of where these sanctuaries are headed and what their needs will be in the future. Read on to learn more about Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW and see how you can help! — Global Animal

Dashboard Cat Vs. Windshield Wipers

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this dashboard cat go up against a car's windshield wipers in the ultimate windshield wiper showdown! — Global Animal

African Poachers Poisoning Vultures

(WILDLIFE/POACHING) Approximately 600 vultures recently died after ingesting poisoned elephant corpse in Namibia’s Bwabwata National Park. Because vultures feed off the carcasses of poached wildlife, and conservation officers follow the flocks to apprehend illegal poaching, African elephant and rhino poachers are poisoning the animal carcasses in order to kill off vultures (like mobsters killing off informants) and stop law enforcement officials in their tracks. Read on to learn more about the African birds and how this mass murder could affect future vulture populations. — Global Animal

Could Eastern Medicine Aid This Ailing Alligator?

(ANIMAL HEALTH) BRAZIL — In Sao Paolo, an albino alligator named Bino is being treated for his scoliosis in an unusual way. Vets are using acupuncure to relieve his pain and will continue with weekly treatments. Acupuncture is increasingly used around the world to help animals, particularly with back problems like Bino's. Read on to learn more about animal acupuncture and Bino's experience. — Global Animal

Pug Wiggles Ears To Engine Roar

(ANIMAL VIDEO) While other, more cowardly dogs would run away, this adorable pug responds to the sounds of an engine motor in the best way ever! Just watch his little ears wiggle! I guess that's how he earned his nickname "The Rev Master." — Global Animal

About Dog Breeds: German Shepherd

German Shepherd About Considered one of the smartest dog breeds, the German Shepherd is unrivaled when it comes to work ethic, which is why German Shepherds often serve...

Rim Fire Near Yosemite Threatens Wildlife

(ANIMAL WELFARE/WILDLIFE) A dangerous wildfire is plaguing a 230-square-mile region near Yosemite National Park and biologists at the Forest Service are investigating the impact it will have on local wildlife. The area is part of a winter-range deer habitat and is currently home to four bald eagle nests. Biologists are also concerned about a group of pond turtles found stranded in the area. Read the full article below for details on the threatening blaze and click here for more information on fire safety tips for pets and wildlife.  — Global Animal

Gesundheit! Help Your Pet Fight Off Allergies

(PET CARE) Allergies can be a big problem for your pet. Frequent itching is the number one reason pets are brought to the vet, and although it is difficult to diagnose, your pet might be suffering from allergies. Fleas are the usual culprits, but there are also airborne, food and contact allergies. Although they aren't always easy to figure out, working with your vet and a few lifestyle variations could make your animal healthy and happy! — Global Animal

Another Disturbing Death At SeaWorld

(OCEANS/SEAWORLD) TEXAS — SeaWorld San Antonio is mourning the loss of a 4-year-old beluga whale named Bella who died on Sunday due to a "brief illness." Being the marine park's 13th beluga whale death since 1995, and seeing as though other SeaWorld parks have not recorded nearly as many beluga deaths, researchers believe the cause of death could be the result of warm and humid weather conditions. Read on for more details on the sad loss and share your thoughts in the comments below. — Global Animal

Lizard Loves Belly Rubs

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Lizards aren't exactly known for their cute and cuddly behavior, but baby Mali uromastyx is looking to change that! Watch this little cutie enjoy the best belly rub ever! — Global Animal

Jeremy Renner Doggone Happy To Have Missing Pup Home

(CELEBRITY PETS) Jeremy Renner didn't need movie magic to get this happy ending; his beloved pup Hemi is now home safe and sound! The one-year-old French Bulldog had been missing for over a month after a power outage had triggered the actor's front gate to open. As curious dogs often do, Hemi wandered away from his home in Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, leaving The Avengers star frantically searching for him. The superhero didn't rely on his "Hawkeye" powers to get him back, but instead created a Facebook page where he posted a $5,000 reward and a heartfelt plea for help.

Those pleas were finally answered, and Hemi, who needs daily medicine for his hip, is finally back home doing well. The little guy apparently had quite the journey after being found 189-miles away in Visalia, California. As for the extremely grateful Renner, he's learned his lesson and now has a GPS on Hemi's collar. So it just goes to show, even superheroes need a little help now and then. Read on for more on Hemi's adventure. — Global Animal