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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Cat & Baby Are Cutest Cuddlers Ever

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This baby definitely loves his cat, Sadie. And Sadie can be seen in the dictionary under "patience."  Check out this cute combo! — Global Animal

Rare Bird Sighting Sparks Flocking Frenzy

(BIRDS) For the first time ever, the Rufous-necked wood-rail bird was spotted in the United States at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico. This rare discovery has ignited a birding frenzy as the species is typically found along the coasts and tropical forests of Central and South America. Ever since, hundreds of bird enthusiasts are flocking to the refuge in order to catch a glimpse of the rare bird. Read on to learn more about this significant sighting. — Global Animal

Cincinnati Zoo Takes Drastic Measures For Rhinos

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) Due to extremely dwindling rhino numbers, the Cincinnati Zoo has decided to take drastic measures in order to replenish their Sumatran rhino population. Illegal rhino poaching has been a longtime problem for rhino populations, and just recently the Western Black rhino was declared as extinct. This radical move is being questioned by animal activists as the two rhinos being bred are siblings—which is less than desirable when it comes to their gene pool. Read on to find out more about this extreme move. — Global Animal

Birdcall App Chirps Off Conservationists

(SKIES) English conservationists are taking a stance against a smartphone app that could pave the way for an increase in amateur nature enthusiasts. The apps in question all revolve around birding, or bird watching, and include the ability to play prerecorded birdcalls. Conservationists fear these birdcall imitations will only disturb the environment, coaxing the animals out of their homes so they can be photographed. Continue reading below to find out what steps are being taking to ensure the safety of the wild birds. — Global Animal

Sled Dog Survivors Search For Loving Homes

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) BRITISH COLUMBIA — Dozens of former sled dogs are now seeking loving homes with committed caregivers, three years after surviving the brutal killing of 56 of their fellow pack members. British Columbia’s SPCA calls the incident one of the worst mass animal cruelty cases in Canadian history. The dogs that survived the cull have been under the care of a non-profit animal welfare organization after the mass grave was uncovered in late 2010. Read on to learn more about the dogs' situation and find out how you can help. — Global Animal

Shame On Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

(RODEOS) On Friday, the animal rights organization, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), released disturbing rodeo footage featuring a young calf whose neck was apparently snapped during a calf-roping event at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) in Wyoming. This news comes after the death of a horse who was killed during a live performance after being hit with a shocking device at the famous Cowtown Rodeo in New Jersey just a few weeks ago—prompting leading animal behavior expert Marc Bekoff to call for a ban on rodeos altogether. There are many different events at rodeos, each cruel and inhumane. Read on to learn more about calf-roping, and sign the petition to help put an end to this devastating excuse for entertainment. — Global Animal

Husky Puppy Holds Tennis Ball Hostage

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This Husky puppy named Einstein has discovered his very first tennis ball. You can bet his guardian won't be getting it back anytime soon. — Global Animal

PETA is calling for orca whales to be placed in large-scale ocean sanctuaries. Photo Credit: Chris Gotshall/AP Photo

SeaWorld Boiling Mad Over ‘Blackfish’ Documentary

(SEAWORLD) In response to Magnolia Picture's latest documentary, Blackfish, SeaWorld Entertainment is embarking on an aggressive PR campaign against the film. Not only did SeaWorld send a detailed critique of the documentary focusing on the dangers of keeping orcas in captivity to nearly 50 film critics, but the company has also provided top executives and animal caretakers with interviews about the movie's alleged flaws. Advised by the communications firm 42West, SeaWorld—whose executives resisted director Gabriela Cowperthwaite's repeated requests for interviews—claims Blackfish exceeded the bounds of fair use, while positioning scenes as misleading and inaccurate. However, Cowperthwaite claims she initiated the project with an open mind, and only slowly did she learn captive orcas may be driven to abnormal, violent behavior.

Yet many are wondering whether SeaWorld's pushback against Blackfish will actually promote a film that would presumably only be seen by a small number of those who actually visit the marine parks. SeaWorld executives said they recognized these risks but strongly felt the film "belittled their mission." Time and time again, SeaWorld has claimed that without access to viewing the whales in-person, humans would be denied a connection to these beautiful, intelligent animals. However, it's become more than clear that the capture and training of animals is no longer necessary to call attention to their plight. Not to mention, many argue that objectifying living beings in this manner has a detrimental effect on the development of empathy in our youth. Read the New York Times article at the link below to learn more about the conflict between SeaWorld and Blackfish, and see the film's trailer for yourself. — Global Animal

Celebrate ‘No Pet Store Puppies Day’ Everyday! (VIDEO)

(PUPPY MILLS) Today marks the third year of ASPCA's “No Pet Store Puppies Day” initiative, designed to fight against puppy mills. In honor of this compassionate day, the ASPCA has launched a video entitled "Meet Molly" featuring a young girl, Molly, and her dog Joey, who explain the cruel connection between pet stores and puppy mills. Read on to learn more about puppy mills and watch the adorable video of a girl and her adopted puppy. — Global Animal

Raccoon Bandit Steals Cats’ Food

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Raccoons are known for their thieving nature, but this little guy takes it to a whole 'nother level! Watch as this stealthy bandit treats himself to some cat food. — Global Animal

Beatles Legend Bargains For Elephant’s Freedom

(CELEBRITY ACTIVISM) Paul McCartney continues to show the world there’s always more love to give. Mali, an elephant at the Manila Zoo in the Philippines, is on the receiving end of The Beatles legend’s recent act of generosity. McCartney is urging President Benigno Aquino to send Mali to a nature sanctuary in Thailand, so she can live a happier life with other rescued elephants. Currently, Mali lives a lonely life, but a number of celebrities hope to change this. Continue reading below to find out what the future holds for Mali. — Global Animal


The Most Zen Cats Ever

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This compilation of zen kitties is the definition of true tranquility. — Global Animal

Man’s Famous Best Friend Passes Away

(PETS) Schoep, a dog whose story touched the hearts of millions, has passed away at 20 years old. Schoep became famous after a sweet picture of him and his caretaker, John Unger, surfaced, showing the pair's close bond. Unger would take Schoep to Lake Superior and swim every night to help relieve the dog's arthritic pains. Touched by their beautiful bond, animal lovers all over the world donated money to the dog's care. Schoep will be deeply missed. Read on for more on this amazing relationship. — Global Animal

Activist Raises Awareness Behind Bars

(ACTIVISM) British animal activist, Sean Le Vegan, will be thrown behind bars on October 5th—but fear not, ladies and gentlemen, he’s the one sentencing himself. Le Vegan will reside in a kennel for 35 days, with the intention of raising awareness for shelter dogs and the problems they face in kennels. To simulate a dog’s experience, Le Vegan will go without a number of luxuries we take for granted everyday. Continue reading below to see what Sean Le Vegan plans to do behind kennel bars. — Global Animal