Dog TV will debut August 1st on DirecTV. Photo Credit: Dog TV
Dog TV will debut August 1st on DirecTV. Photo Credit: Dog TV

Stephanie Henkel, Global Animal

Put your paws together for cable’s first network just for canines!

On August 1st, 2013, Jasmine TV Ltd. will launch the Dog TV network on DirecTV. The 24/7 digital channel aims to comfort and engage dogs when left alone. Dog TV will air dog-friendly programming, which has been scientifically developed to provide the proper company for pooches.

Research shows that dogs are more at ease when left with the television on, especially when the right program is playing. This is why Dog TV has created very specific content specially designed to stimulate a dog’s sense of vision and hearing, all while supporting their natural behavioral patterns. Years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts have gone into the creation of the pet-friendly channel’s lineup in hopes that Dog TV will be the ultimate pet sitter.

The television station will provide three types of programming: relaxing, stimulating, and positive behavioral reinforcement content. When dogs are home alone, they tend to become somewhat anxious, so the calming background music and three to five minute relaxation segments featured on Dog TV will keep your canine in a peaceful state of mind.

Another common issue for dogs is lack of stimulation, especially when the guardians are away. This type of canine boredom can lead to chewing and other destructive habits. Yet Dog TV has the answer for this common problem as well. The innovative channel will also offer stimulation segments, which include invigorating images, animation, and exhilarating world sounds to keep Fido engaged.

In addition, Dog TV has a very interesting take on “commercials” for canines. In between the programming for pooches, the station will broadcast intermittent segments of thunderstorms and fireworks to help dogs confront common fears.

Dog TV uses concepts supported by leading animal organizations, like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), that ultimately contribute to a dog’s enrichment and quality of life. So throw your dog a bone, and check out Dog TV this August!